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4 Simple Tips for Home Renovations

by Nov 27, 2018

Fixing up a home is one of the many joys (and pains) of ownership. You get to put a brand-new spin on parts of the house, maybe even create a dream section you’ve always wanted like a breakfast nook or personal library. Imagination is your only limit! Well, this and moving around the countless amounts of stuff you have.

Yes, during any major renovation plan, you might soon discover a few things. One, you need lots of supplies and two, wow, you had more things than you realized. So, what do you do? Well, we’ve got a few handy tips for organization while you figure out if the new paint scheme is between egg white or ivory white.

1 – Use Open Spaces

This is a fine time to make use of a basement. You can, of course, utilize the attic too – but depending on how many things you have to shift around during renovation, you might find this a hassle. Rather, downstairs, closets, or other unused areas can work wonders when you need to get a few miscellaneous items out of the way.

2 – Protect Your Wares

Renovation can mean a lot of things, but generally it falls under construction and labor. From this, a lot of dust and debris gets kicked up. Sounds fun right? Well, unless your idea of entertainment is vacuuming layers and layers of pesky dust from a room, you’ll want to invest in coverage for your itinerary. Anything will do – but cheap sheets are an easy go to.

3 – Portable Storage

Depending on the renovation level, moving items from one section of the house to another might not be practical, or even possible. To circumvent this, we recommend portable storage options. This allows you to offload any number of things from your home while you handle the labor elements.

Mobile Attic, for instance, sends storage pods directly to you for safe keeping. Those same pods can return when storage is done, taking out the headache of finding somewhere to put your things. You can also use traditional storage methods, but you’ll need to make several trips to the location, assuming you have the vehicle to carry the necessary items.

4 – Find Extra Help

If you can, enlist the aid of friends, family, neighbors, or anyone who might want a quick day’s work. Pay them, of course! But during renovation, the matter of physically moving things – from sensitive heirlooms to heavy furniture – falls entirely on you. And the last thing you want is to renovate yourself with a trip to the doctor after a nasty run in with falling chairs.

Don’t be afraid to get some assistance then, as it can make the renovation process much smoother.

These four handy tips should give you an idea of what you can do before a renovation. Changing a home in any aspect is no easy task, often with its own stresses and hurdles. Use our advice to cut down on the migraines while you sort out between an oval window installment or rectangular one. Good luck!


-Douglas James