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5 Apartment Move Out Tips

by Feb 5, 2020

Finding a new home and transitioning out of an apartment is a great life step. But, like with any move, it brings its own complications and challenges. One of them relates to fees – that is to say those nagging bills left over from potential charges. This happens when a landlord or leasing agency inspects the apartment for things like damage, and when discovered, fees are typically assessed.

Nothing’s more stressful than getting a handful of bills right after a move, especially when some are costly. Mobile Attic has a few tips to help you cover your tracks and keep your wallet happy.

1 – Perform a quick look

First, give every room a cursory glance to see if there’s any glaring issues, something that’s immediately noticeable. Prioritize things based on how much work is needed. Worry about small things later, if there’s something wrong you can notice, your landlord will too.

2 – Check paint

Painting and walls are easy places where damage or grime can accrue. You might not notice it if it’s been blocked off by furniture, but after the fact you can check on any noticeable marks. While it’s typical for landlords to give things a new coat of paint once you leave, any serious damage could be assessed to you, so keep that in mind.

3 – Check interiors

Another place you might not look but should are the interiors of closets, shelves, doors, and kitchen cupboards. This is a place where debris can build up quickly. In worst case scenarios, you might have even attracted unwanted pests, which can be charged to you as a fee. 

4 – Watch out for pests

As we just mentioned, pests – whether insect or otherwise – will bring all sorts of problems and fees if not dealt with correctly. Roaches are common, and if visible, indicate an infestation. Address these, because if a leasing agency has to hire pest control, you can be sure you’ll receive the bill later.

5 – Mind the carpet

Carpets are notorious problems given that they’re a harbor for debris and damage. Pets, for instance, can mess on the carpet it, scratch it, or cause other stain problems. This goes for occupants too, who might spill food, chemicals, track dirt, and more. Over time this can build up and leave permanent damage. Run a vacuum and invest in inexpensive carpet cleaner, otherwise, your landlord may decide to replace the entire thing, which again, is a potential charge to you.

When you think the place is clean, do a check. When you finish the check, check one more time. Remember, depending on your lease agreement, any damage after the fact can be assessed to you. Be sure to note appliances that may not be working or other utility problems to get repairs before you move, otherwise the responsibility is placed on you.

After all is said and done, good luck, and hopefully these tips help you with an easier move.

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