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5 Autumn Hobbies That Are Easy On The Wallet

by Nov 5, 2019

The trifecta of festivity is upon us once again! This time of year you can expect a blitz of holiday themed commercials, events, and get togethers as 2019 draws to an end. With so much to do in a small span of time, you probably feel your pennies getting pinched. Whether it’s grabbing decorations, stocking on food, or getting ready for the big December holidays, you might feel the cash burn.

But, you don’t have to spend money to have fun in Autumn! In fact, there are ways to make it extra special. Here’s a few ideas that won’t have you sweating the credit card bills while allowing you to appreciate the season all the same.

1 – Photography

These days if you’ve got a phone, chances are you already have a camera. Or, maybe you have a “regular” one. Regardless, the colder seasons can lead to some picturesque days and what better way to enjoy them than with some photos. Go for a stroll and see if you find something that catches your eye!

2 – Local Parades

Some towns and cities share a holiday themed parade, complete with spectacle and sound. Even better, sometimes there’s free stuff too. But, local parades or community events are a fantastic way to enjoy things with said community while getting into the spirit of fall and winter. Usually, the only cost involved is the gas to get there, but if you’re in a smaller town you can walk too.

3 – Natural Art

Ever tried steaming leaves for a leaf book or making a centerpiece with nature? You can look around you for inspiration. Provided said twigs and leaves aren’t filled with “neighbors” (see: insects or pests) it can be a  great way to make art without picking up costly supplies.

4 – Painting

Natural art not your fancy? Painting works just as well too. Not only is it a fairly inexpensive option as a creative outlet but it’s a great way to learn a new technique! Or, if you’re not feeling up to hard-schooling, there are plenty of super easy ways to get beautiful works of art done with simple methods. Just look to your old friend Bob Ross for numerous examples!

5 – Parks and Hiking

Yes, there’s nothing quite like crisp autumn air and a good walk. You can find parks all around for some easy exercise, and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy your natural surroundings. Plus, it’s great for you! Of course, if you’re up for a bigger challenge, hiking works great too. Mountainous ranges or places with rough terrain can up the ante but still not destroy your budget. The best part, it won’t burn your wallet and can be enjoyed on your own or with friends and family.

This season don’t sweat the small change. These quick activities will fill your days with enjoyment and keep the bank safe too! Another thing that keeps your budget intact: choosing Mobile Attic to help with your portable moving and storage pod needs!