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5 Cool Things to Do in Columbia, SC

by Aug 8, 2018

It’s been a long week. You made your big move with the help of local storage and just got settled into the South Carolina area. The state greets you with friendly neighbors and warm weather.

But whether you’re a far-flung traveler or a local looking to get some personal time in, you wonder: what’s there to do? Well, if you’re near Columbia, SC there’s good news. Lots! Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina and as such, has lots of local flavors to offer (and not just with the food). If you’re looking to get a taste of the state’s character or maybe plan a fun weekend, here’s a few things you can do.

See the Arts

Columbia is host to a rich variety of human arts ranging from splendid museums and galleries with incredible historic paintings. There are numerous choices available to you, allowing you to explore the history of the great state. From university museums and even one for children, there’s a bounty of options if you’re looking to get a little culture shock.

Experience the Nightlife

No city is complete without a bustling evening to experience. Clubs, alcohol, music, it’s all here. Just like the fine galleries found in an arthouse, there’s something for everyone.

You can catch concerts by local talent or even find yourself relaxing at local jazz bar, catching tunes with a fine drink. It’s an awesome way to unwind and experience what the city has to offer.

Find Furry Friends at Riverbanks

You don’t need to travel internationally to see exotic animals. The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden has a lovely collection of wonderful animals from all corners of the world. Everything from the gentle elephant to the tall giraffe can be found here, an exciting experience for families or those who love natural beauty.

Relax with Recreation

If the night life isn’t attractive and maybe you want to experience a quieter side to Columbia, SC, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to. Camping, fishing, and hiking are all present by the immaculate Lake Murray. You can also break in those hiking boots at Congaree National Park, allowing you to experience some of the local wildlife.

Food and Shopping

Saved up some extra cash for a fun weekend? You can always hit local malls and stores to feed your impulse to shop. Everything from antiques found only in the heart of Columbia to grabbing the latest fashion at a mall is found here.

To top it off, you can sample the local cuisine with a myriad of available restaurants. A nice way to finish off a big week in the state of South Carolina!

Even if you’re a stranger in a strange land, friendly faces and a friendlier state are sure to welcome you with things to do. If another night of Netflix just isn’t your thing, consider exploring the Capital city and have fun in ways you didn’t think possible.


-Douglas James