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5 Fall-Themed Things to Get You in The Mood

by Oct 3, 2018

The mystic nature of autumn is a centerpiece to creativity. The shift of colors, the cooling seasons, the rainy days, these are perfect environments for introspective days where ideas are born from the twilight of summer and time inside. For some, this is a wonderful thing to embrace.

One great way (or many) to get in the spirit of autumn is to check out fall related media. Or, things associated with the coming season. That could be kinds of music, scary movies, mysterious novels, or anything which deals with the strange.

If you want to accent your fall days with various “fall themed” things, we have a quick list just for you.

1 – Over the Garden Wall

What, suggesting animation? Why yes, actually. Over the Garden Wall is a beautiful, short series of 10 episodes, all wonderfully animated and carried by a gorgeous soundtrack. Episodes are spooky nursey rhymes brought to life, while the background looms with a mysterious dread often associated with autumn.

No matter the age, you can enjoy this celebration of the strange.

2 – Stranger Things

Speaking of strange, have you seen Stranger Things? This super-popular Netflix show has collected millions of fans for its absolute celebration of the 80’s. You know, synth, Halloween, and scary things.

This one will absolutely “feel” like an autumn show, with every scene oozing with 80’s nostalgia.

3 – Classic Tales

Not feeling modern media? Try some of literature’s classics. Stroker’s Dracula, Shelley’s Frankenstein, the works of Poe, the madness of Lovecraft (well, maybe not that one).

While there’s beauty in the shifting season, there’s also dreariness and doom. These stories can send you into bizarre worlds, a way to whet your Halloween appetite.

4 – Bob Ross

All right, I’m cheating with this one. But it’s hard to beat a relaxing session of watching Mr. Ross turn seemingly random color blobs into incredible scenic paintings.

To be fair, Bob has plenty of fall themed paintings he does. And, part of autumn is scuttling indoors to avoid the cold while you relax, preferably with a cider or tea.

5 – Alternative and Progressive Music

Everyone’s got different tastes and preferences, especially for times of day. But if I recommended anything, it’s music in the alternative/progressive genre, rooted in instrumental and “feeling.”

Songs which set up an atmosphere might be just what you need for a night. Or, maybe a bit of doom metal or industrial rap is your speed. But if you want something calm, any genre that works in the “progressive” can feel like autumn.

Of course, how you decide to celebrate fall (if at all) is entirely up to you. You may decide that the trifecta of holidays is enough, or maybe you’ll ignore it altogether. Or, you live near a beach.

Whatever the case, these quick ideas will hopefully jump-start some ideas for the coming season.


-Douglas James