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5 More Summer Activities for Staying Indoors

by Aug 25, 2020

As we stay inside to keep safe from the spread of COVID, no doubt many get bored. If you’re not used to staying indoors for long periods, it’s natural to get frustrated. The best way to work around this is to have indoor activities to help pass the time. Mobile Attic has talked about ideas before, but we’re here for another round of ideas to help this summer season!

Learning Origami

It’s one of the oldest and easiest crafts there are, origami is the art of making art from paper. Specifically, folding paper. The best part? If you’ve got access to the internet, there are thousands of ideas out there! Even beginner tutorials are in abundance! All you need is foldable paper, like printer paper.

Make a boardgame

We’ve talked so many times about playing boardgames at home. But here’s a thinker: make one! Why not? Much like origami it’s a craft. It can be as simple or complex as you like with silly rules and prizes. It’s a fun way to invest your time in a creative pursuit and observe the “mechanics” of what actually goes into designing a boardgame.

Learn to tie knots

Now, hang on, we know what you’re thinking: this doesn’t sound fun. Well, that depends on what you do for fun. However, it’s worth noting learning to tie various rope knots is an extremely useful skill applicable in different situations. From camping to transportation to any time you need something held with rope, there are knots for everything. It’s good to learn and hey, you’ve got time!

Model and LEGO building

No one is too old for Lego, and if you really want to get crazy, try one of their advanced sets. Model and Lego kits provide opportunity to pass the time, get creative, and invest in an entertaining hobby.

As for model building, there’s no wrong answer. Simple stuff from cars to planes are great for all ages, and as you get more advance, you can learn more (like what paints to use, different models to construct, and so on).

Take care of dusting/electronics

Here’s one that’s a little niche, but as an activity, practical to learn. Have any sensitive electronics lying around? When’s the last time you dusted it? If the answer is “uh oh, I don’t know,” this is a great time to do some dusting. Electric devices aggregate crazy amounts of dust over time, which can lead to overheating and general performance problems.

You can clean most devices with static-free dusters. For PC’s and other systems, pressured air in a can is perfect for removing caked up dust (be sure to read directions carefully and do exactly as said or you risk damaging your system).

Also. . . be in an open area, you’d be surprised how much dust can build up!

Those are suggestions for yet more indoor summer activities. 

If you’d like more ideas, you can always visit our blog at Mobile Attic.