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5 Reasons to Rent Storage this Thanksgiving Season

by Nov 21, 2019

Thanksgiving season is almost upon us, filled with all the cheer and stress the holiday brings. There’s food to prep, guests to invite, family to greet, and wine to find. Not to mention decorations and decor accompanied by clutter and mess. Sounds fun, right?

It’s in these situations looking into rental storage can be a big help. While it sounds like additional stress, what with the moving and finances, it’s a good way to take the weight off your shoulders, especially with Mobile Attic.

1 – Additional Space

Depending on how much you’ve got in terms of decoration, chances are you’ll need somewhere to put it all. Maybe you’re a business rotating its inventory but need to keep aisles clean while you prep for the holiday. Whether temporary or long term, a storage pod can host these items while you get things together. 

2 – Accessible

Mobile pods are nothing if not accessible. With Mobile Attic, storage units are delivered to your place of residence or business (if within service area), cutting out the need to drive long distances. This saves on multiple trips and gas, letting you focus on your holiday plans while chosen items can be stowed away safe for autumn, or however long the needed duration is.

3 – Safe

Mobile storage pods are safe from both weather and theft, encasing inventory in stainless steel containers for the needed duration. If your business is worried about valuable items left out for too long, it’s a creative way to lock them away off-site. Additionally, rental units have security systems you can rely on, so you get some bonus protection too.

4 – Organization

With three major holidays back to back, there’s a lot of clutter that builds up fast. Between exchanging inventory or shifting decorations, you’ll find yourself up to ears in extras, debris, and general messes. Easy to see how this gets overwhelming.

A pod, however, lets you put excess décor away while you organize your living space. Maybe you want to designate the pod for Christmas while you sort out the fall themed ornamentations. Whatever your need, it’s a great way to declutter with an accessible, extra area for storage.

5 – Affordable

One of the nicer things about storage units is their affordability, especially during the fall. Like we’ve mentioned, utilizing mobile pods can severely cut into travel expenses since you don’t have to go back and forth from a location and spend gas doing so.

But, storage pods cost less than traditional rental units and can come to you. Additionally, you save on moving crews (if needed) as staff are available to assist with loading inventory.

Thanksgiving and the autumn holidays is a busy time of year, so why not take some of the stress off with a portable storage pod. If you’d like more information, you can contact us at Mobile Attic.