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5 Tips for Autumn Moves

by Nov 16, 2021

5 Tips for Autumn Moves

A move happens when it does. Despite its importance, however, weather is pretty indifferent to the struggle. Fall is particularly cantankerous when it comes to a huge life change, where sunny days are replaced by overcast and rain.

If you’re moving around the autumn days, chances are you should have a successful one. But, fall does bring its own challenges. Colder weather can invite all sorts of hazards depending on where you live. To help, I’ve got a quick tip list to keep you safe during a major transition.

1 – Check out Movers

One positive aspect to fall is cheaper move rates. Summer and spring are considered the busiest times for big moves, often because leases expire and preferential weather. Therefore, rates for moving services are generally lower during autumn.

Look around for these services to see if you can get cheaper rates. Using professional services can alleviate most – if not all – of fall hazards, assuming you want to budget for it.

2 – Prepare for Weather

Weather is different depending on where you live, but it’s also good to know depending on where you’re moving to. Fall tends to have a lot of rain, and this puts a real damper on a move.

You don’t want to get stuck in the thick of it with a bed strapped to your car, so always check weather forecasts several days in advance. Not just where you are, but where you going to. This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises or driving hazards. 

3 – Utilities

I advise it with any move, but here it’s doubly important. Make sure your new place has utilities set up and running. Especially heat. Who wants to spend their first night in a freezing house or apartment?

If you can’t get utilities going, have a “smart box” of warm clothes and other essentials ready. 

4 – Watch Your Step

The thing about cold, wet days is they tend to wrestle branches off trees and fill pathways with debris. Last think you want is a hidden stick tripping you up while you try to move a heavy box or two inside. Be aware, and be prepared to address debris at the new place. 

In colder states, be doubly cautious, as some areas can get cold enough for ice. 

5 – Comfortable Clothes

While wearing a sweater to get through a cold day is one thing, wearing a sweater while moving is another. Heavy lifting and the like builds up body heat fast. Therefore, you want to choose an attire that will work for you. Warm enough to keep the cold at bay, but cool enough so your body temperature doesn’t raise too high.

It is possible to sweat too much under warm clothing, potentially leading to dehydration.

While the autumn is beautiful, moves during this time present their own challenges. But hopefully these tips will give you an edge when planning for the colder days.