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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Limited Storage Space

by Nov 10, 2023

We like to provide tips and hints for maximizing storage efficiency, but a lot of the times the assumption is you have the space for it. What happens, though, for the individual on their own? Not everyone has a big house with an attic and/or basement. Some live in small apartments. So how can you organize your living space with limited storage – especially if you have too much stuff?

We have a few suggestions for you in hopes you can make your home feel organized and unique.

1 – Dispose of Unwanted Items

So, as we’ve suggested for spring cleaning tips, we’ll do the same here: remove unwanted clutter. You don’t have the luxury of excessive space, so you’ll have to purge things often. If you’ve got items you don’t absolutely need, consider parting with them. Either sell them, invest in mobile storage, or give them away.

2 – Shelves and Walls

You probably put containers and itinerary on the floor. But space you’ve probably not considered are the walls! There’s lots of vertical space to take advantage of, using shelves or similar for creative solutions. You can use shelves for virtually anything, from clothing, knick-knacks, even shoes. Think creatively when it comes to your wall space and you’ll find it can substantially decrease clutter.

3 – Designate Areas

Think of each room as split into sections. Naturally, you have things like the kitchen and bathroom. But what about your living room? Consider separating items and itinerary based on its “designation.” For instance, if you play music, you can put instruments on one side of the living room, with entertainment on the other. Maybe you write, paint, or have personal projects. Set one side of your room for work and the other for sleeping and/or hobbies.

4 – Efficient Closets

Without an attic or large area strictly for storage, you’ve got limited options. Therefore, get creative with your closets, maximizing space efficiency as much as possible. You can do this with dressers, plastic tubs, fold-storage (think fabric boxes which can fold for easy access), and internal hooks/shelves. Your closet can take up lots of clutter, but only if used well. Think outside the box by using the box!

5 – Think About What You Bring

Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you, so when you make that next big purchase, consider how much space it takes up, or where it’ll go. Will it create debris? Does it need a large area for storage? Does it come with various cables/wires? You’ve only got so many feet to work with, so be considerate.

If you’re still struggling with limited space, you can also consider external storage such as with mobile pods. It’s a convenient way to put things aside for later, while also granting much needed accessibility.

With a little creativity and planning, even you can make an apartment organized and space-considerate.