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6 Ways to Save Money for the Spring Season

by Mar 19, 2020

If you’ve recently moved to a new place for the spring season, congrats! Also, after said move, you might be short on cash considering transitioning is costly. What adds to the ol’ wallet burner? Why, bills, specifically electric bills. Yes as spring comes around you might find yourself cranking the AC more often than not, and unfortunately this heavy use (among things) adds to the bill strain.

Mobile Attic is committed to easing you in any move transition, so we have some tips to help you cut back on power usage (among things).

1 – Close up windows during the day

By this we mean, install heavy blinds for the noon and afternoon, the hottest times of the day. This prevents excess sunlight from creeping into your living space and adding to the heat. Remember, if there’s heat buildup there’s more reason for your AC to turn on. 

2 – Check your AC filter

When’s the last time you replaced your AC filter? If the answer is “I don’t know” we highly recommend replacing it as soon as possible. Not only does this improve the air quality of your home in general, but also makes cooling more efficient. The faster your house cools down the less the AC unit has to stay on, saving you power expenses.

3 – Keep the AC off at unneeded times

It’s a simple solution but one easily overlooked. Keep your AC off during the cooler hours, especially nighttime. Your AC may run automatically and over the course of sleeping that’s a lot of extra used power. 

4 – Use a programmable thermostat

If you want to make things easier, you can invest in a programmable thermostat which can run automatically at designated times, and also determine how long and what temperature. This is good if you’re away from home most of the day and can’t turn it off/on yourself (and also prevents heat buildup so you don’t return to uncomfortable conditions).

5 – Use windows for ventilation

Sounds obvious, but if the pollen count is low and there’s a good breeze, don’t hesitate to let cool air in the house. Warm air needs to circulate out from the house to keep things at a comfortable temperature, and a breeze helps with just that. Morning or evening are generally better times when the sun isn’t at peak brightness.

6 – Check insulation

If your living space uses insulation, give it a quick check to find leaks or damage. Insulation is good for keeping in heat and cool air