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Keeping Your Food Fresh

by Mar 24, 2020

When we talk about storage at Mobile Attic, often it’s about electronics, personal items, clothing, and space management. But one of the most important things to store is also food. That is to say, storing food items in such a way it lasts as long as possible. Getting the most out of your edible products is a key way to save money and reduce waste. Not to mention, it’s handy to know when you’re on a budget.

Use these tips for food storage for the best possible results.

Freeze Meat or Store Correctly

Meat is great for cooking and a core part of non-vegetarian dishes. If you’re not planning on using it within the day you purchased it, freeze it. Nothing’s worse than trying to cook with spoiled meat. If you’re storing it for later, keep it at the bottom of the fridge so “meat juice” doesn’t dribble onto anything else.

Dehydrate Fruit

Depending on the fruit, it can last for a while even outside a refrigerator environment. But, you can also invest in a dehydrator which makes fruit usable even months after the fact. This is an excellent way to save on time and money and gives you a tasty snack for weeks to come.

Roast Vegetables

Not only is a great way to cook, roast veggies extend the life of your green items for a good while. 

Use Tight Containers for Grains

Rice is an excellent food item for just about anything, whether it’s emergency stock or a side to go with your dinner. But, it should be stored in air-tight containers once outside the bag to prevent residue buildup like mold. You can use glass jars if you have them, or zip-loc bags too.

Only Wash Before You Eat Fruits

It’s a common trope to wash fruits before you eat them. But don’t wash them unless you plan to eat them right away. Moisture of any kind can propagate mold or mildew, causing your food to spoil much faster.

Use Paper Towels for Veggies

If you have vegetables (or other foods in general) which produce residue or moisture, wrap them with paper towels. Again, this moisture can lead to mold and get on your other food products depending on where you store it. Unless it’s intended to be wet, dry is better.

Know What to Store Together

You might not realize, but not all foods go together in storage. Some foods – when paired – can actually cause the other to spoil faster, like onions and potatoes (a shame since they make a great dish pairing!).

Dairy to the Back

Your dairy products, specifically milk, will do better when stored at the back of the fridge. Temperature is slightly less cool at the front, which leads to faster spoiling.

Just like you store items to keep them safe, so too should you do it with your food! If you’d like to learn more about other ways to store and transport valuables, you can visit us at Mobile Attic.