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7 Common Moving Problems and Their Solutions

by Mar 3, 2020

As if moving from one place to another wasn’t hard enough! When transitioning into a new home, we’re already expecting a few issues. But there are plenty of common headaches that can be avoided, some dangerous to both person and finances. Be mindful of them if you’ve got a big transition coming up.

1 – Safety and Injury

When moving objects, heavy and otherwise, injury is a common issue for “do it yourself” movers. That’s either from dropped objects or difficulty lifting extremely heavy furniture.

Hire moving services to help with this, or take every precaution necessary before shifting heavy objects.

2 – Losing Items

Nobody wants to deal with this, but it’s unfortunately all too common. Keep small objects in labelled containers and double check where things are going. Don’t clutter them up or mix them, if you can help it. As a rule of thumb, it’s good to move smaller things and big things separately so as not to get confused.

3 – Damaged Items

Perhaps even worse than losing an object is damaging it. Sensitive items like electronics are susceptible to all sorts of potential problems. Protect fragile belongings with protective material. For electronics, keep them in static free environments. Additionally, when moving, make sure items are strapped down and don’t shake or move during travel. 

4 – Lack of Time

Time really is an enemy, isn’t it? Unfortunately, time constraints are an all too common headache for those needing to make a move. Daily life, errands, job responsibilities, family and more all add together and leave little time for the actual process. 

It’s best to plan ahead as early as possible and set aside designated moving days. Where you can find spare time, take advantage of it.

5 – Not Enough Packing

Boxes and the like are essential for moving, but sometimes there isn’t enough when it’s time to transition. That, or packing material is in short supply when needing to protect things from damage. 

In these instances, it’s good to get creative. You can utilize things like plastic bins for your inventory. Even trash bags work for clothes, towels, or other soft material.

6 – Ineffective Planning

Planning is essentially one’s best friend before a move. Figuring out time, schedules, when to move, where to store things, and all the nitty-gritty details are part of a good transition plan. Often, though, there’s either not enough time as we mentioned, or movers don’t consider all the details.

Give everything a once over – from what you need to move, to how, when, what roads to take, and so on.

7 – The Home Isn’t Ready

It pays to inspect a property before moving. Unfortunately, some aren’t so lucky and encounter a house that isn’t ready for a move, from unfinished paint to damages to untreated pest problems. Make sure everyone involved has a set date when things are meant to be finished, and don’t be afraid to make some calls if need be.

If you’re still having trouble with these common moving issues, consider utilizing external storage pods offered by Mobile Attic.