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8 Snack Ideas for Football Games

by Nov 14, 2019

Everyone loves a good night of Sunday or Monday night football. Provided their team wins, that is. Whether you’re cheering or jeering this new season, you probably have a set up to get things going. Television, friends, planned time, and especially the snacks. Though, while it’s easy to get caught up in the wings, chip, and dip strategy, if you’re looking to cut calories or just try something else altogether, we’ve got a few alternative snacks that are tasty and refreshing.

1 – Apple Slices with Dip

Not only are apples super tasty, they’re healthy too. You can cut out a few wedges for yourself and serve it with a variety of sides. Peanut better if you’re looking to build up on protein, or, caramel if you want something sugary (just be sure not to go too crazy).

2 – Deviled Eggs

Are you feeling fancy this season? Nothing says snack like a good old-fashioned deviled egg. Topped with paprika (or your choice of seasonings), these can add a whopper of flavor. Bonus, eggs are good for you too.

3 – Homemade Guacamole 

Guacamole is fashioned from selected spices and avocados and makes a fantastic dip alternative than your usual store-bought salsa. You can make it as spicy or mild as you want, and it goes great with your choice of (low salt) chips.

4 – Sun Dried/Fried Tomatoes

It should come as no surprise that tomatoes are packed with nutrients, but, they can be extra tasty when sun dried. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, slices of fried green tomatoes is a great alternative to chips.

5 – Hummus

Want to avoid the buffalo sauce this season? Give hummus a try. This vegetable spread works wonders on all sorts of snack ideas, from spreading it to (healthy) chips or otherwise. If you’re not interested in store brand (which generally contain extra sugars and salt) you can make it yourself too.

6 – Hard Cheese

Nothing says a good time like a slice of hard cheese. Whatever your preference, cheeses are healthy (in moderated doses) and come with all sorts of flavors. Eating cubes are cuts might sound odd at first but it’s a great chaser to other snacks, like pepperoni slices, jerky, and even fruit.

7 – Nut Mix

Nuts, usually mixed with raisins or other fruit, provide a tasty alternative to the saltiest of chips and are pretty good for you too. They can even provide an energy boost, something you’ll probably want when you’re growling about the ref’s latest bad call.

8 – Frozen Banana with Honey

Got a sweet tooth? Frozen bananas go well with honey, and you can even add extras like the aforementioned nuts to give an extra boost of flavor. Bonus, bananas are fantastic for you.

Whatever your Football plans this season, you can always shake things up beyond the traditional beer, pizza, and wings. Try these ideas out next time you sit down for the big game.