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8 Tips For A Safe Winter Move

by Dec 3, 2019

Winter is a great time of year if you love cold weather and snow. But, if you’re moving, maybe not so much. The cold creates a variety of complications when making a move, including safety hazards. Mobile Attic wants you to be safe, so we’ve compiled some tips to remember when preparing for a transition during the cold season.

1 – Keep Warm Clothes/Blankets Ready

You can’t always predict the weather, and if you’re in a circumstance of little heat, having some emergency blankets ready to go will save you a lot of trouble. Depending on the move, you might get caught in the snow. Having warm extras will do just that – keep you warm.

2 – Wrap Fragile Inventory

The cold isn’t just a problem for you or your car, it can severely damage fragile items if the temperature drops too low. Electronics, for example, are especially sensitive to extreme cold. Other items like brittle thin plastic (or similar) are likelier to snap because of the conditions. Wrap them up and keep them elevated to avoid this.

3 – Drive Slow

Icy roads are no fun, and neither is crashing. Even if it’s not snowing, be especially careful while on the road, doubly so if you’re taking luggage. Ice hazards are worse because of slippery roads and can drop branches and power lines.

4 – Check Weather

Sounds obvious, but keep an eye and ear on the weather. It pays to plan ahead and the last thing you’ll want is to get caught out in snow or ice. This is important for longer trips where hazards and weather is more likely to affect your safety.

5 – Keep Spare Gloves/Warm Clothing Ready

The weather can be fierce and again, you don’t want to be left lacking if things take a turn for the worse, especially if you’re on the road. Having extra warm clothes ready to go and spare gloves for yourself and others. If you need to perform tasks outside, you won’t want your hands getting numb.

6 – Check for Mover Deals

The wintertime isn’t a popular season for moving, so it’s possible to check with potential deals with movers if you’re looking to avoid icy roads altogether. Movers can take lots of hassle out of transitioning property, but make sure it’s within the budget.

7 – Prep for Pets

Make sure your furry friends are taken care of properly. They need somewhere warm to be during travel. If it’s too cold for you, then it’s too cold for them.

8 – Make Sure the Heat’s On

About to move into a new home or apartment? Make sure the heat’s on! Last thing you’ll want is the unwelcome guest Mr. Frost when setting up your new home.

Moving in the winter is definitely a hassle, but these management tips will keep you, your loved ones, and your pets safe and warm. When you can’t avoid it, always practice safety first.

If you’d like help with moving, Mobile Attic offers storage pods for easy transition. You can contact us for more information