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8 Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

by Feb 14, 2019

Mobile Attic believes in approaching storage in a unique way, so why not apply the same logic to another special time of year: Valentine’s Day? Yes, while the fun of New Year has long passed, another holiday is right around the corner. Often plastered with scarlet boxes and exotic chocolate, Valentine’s is a chance to show someone you love just how much you appreciate them.

But maybe this time you don’t want to try the same old, same old. Maybe this time you want to go beyond candies and cards. So, just as we help you with portable storage solutions, we’ll offer some fun ways you can make this Valentine’s truly your own.

1 – Bar Crawl

Take a night downtown and go bar hopping! There’s always an adventure to be had and you just might land some tasty drinks. Of course, always be safe and make sure you have a secure way of getting home.

2 – Camping

Disconnect from the blast of commercials, television, and smartphones. Why not spend a quiet night outdoors with your loved one under the sweet starry skyline?

3 – Karaoke

Are you great at singing? Are you terrible at singing? Doesn’t matter. Either way, karaoke is a fun way to let loose and sing to your favorite love songs. Just don’t expect to break the top fifty on night one.

4 – Travel

Try something different this year: travel to a place you’ve never been. Getting out of your comfort zone while with your significant other is a fantastic way to learn a few things while having a life adventure.

5 – Craft Class

Often you’re encouraged to buy jewelry. While that’s nice and all, there’s value in working hard on something for your SO. Try a hobby class together – such as with art, pottery, even origami. A handy way to learn a new skill while also making something special.

6 – Sports

Oh, nothing gets the blood boiling like a good ball game. Sports, regardless of your favorite, is an excuse to get loud and drink beer (if it’s boring).

7 – Themed Dinner

Some will go out for a romantic evening, which is great. But if you want to stay home, try a themed dinner. Set some ambiance with the right music and get a taste of different cultures. It’s also an excuse to show off your cooking skills (or blunder horribly).

8 – Stargaze

The universe is vast and complex, a night sky filled with limitless stars. It’s a good way to get introspective and reflect on your relationship; what it means to love someone in such a massive cosmos. Grab a (quality) telescope and check out the night sky – you’ll be amazed at what you find.

There’s no end to the things you can do on Valentine’s Day, but for this one, try something a little different. Mobile Attic believes in approaching storage solutions with quality, portable methods, so why not try the same with your love life?


-Douglas James