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Activities to Do After Your Spring Move

by Feb 26, 2019

When spring hits, there are lots to celebrate. Warmer weather, blooming flowers, festive wildlife, and soon longer days. If you’ve just moved, even better! Spring is all about new beginnings, so what better way to celebrate your fresh new place with a series of activities and things to do! If you’d like to take full advantage of the season, here are a few ideas for you.

1 – Start a Garden

There’s nothing quite as satisfying than growing your own food and plants. Cultivating life with time, patience, and effort is not only a worthwhile skill to develop but plenty of fun. If you have a yard, you can plan out what kind of fruits and vegetables you’d like. But even if you don’t have space, you can build your own spaces for growing plants – all you need is plenty of sunlight and proper conditions.

2 – Local Festivals

In your area, there’s likely plenty of things to do for the spring season. Check local news to see if there are events planned to celebrate spring. For instance, the Cherry Blossom Festival at the National Georgia Horse Park is a seasonal gathering with lots of activities and food.

3 – Take Up Jogging

Exercise isn’t easy to get during the cold season, but now’s a prime opportunity to get back on track, literally! If you’re looking to improve your cardio or get some well-deserved exercise, consider taking up jogging for spring. Cardio is an essential part of staying healthy, and jogging helps build endurance and raise cardiovascular health.

4 – Paint an Outdoor Picture

Ever fell in love with spring scenery? Why not make it your own? Spring is great for inspiring the mind and delving into some creative exercises. Painting with acrylics and oils is one of them!

Find a landscape you think is inspirational and paint it. Never used a brush? No problem – numerous painting tutorials exist for simple landscapes and wildlife pictures. If you’re completely out of ideas, the legendary Bob Ross has easy, 30-minute instructional videos on how to put nature onto a canvas.

5 – Outdoor Cookout

You might think of picnics for spring – and rightfully so. But why not make it interesting this year with a true outdoor cookout? Setup your own fire and make food the old-fashioned way. There are plenty of recipes specifically for camping, focused around heating food without traditional means.

It’s a special way to make your next outing extra exciting. Try different recipes too like a warm apple or firepit grits.

These are just a handful of things to do for the spring season. Kite flying, hiking, camping, and many more exist for those who want to embrace warmer days with fun things to do!

Of course, if you need help with your spring move, consider using a mobile pod. Pods allow you to store and transport belongings in a safe storage unit, which can be brought/sent to you as needed.