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Advantages of a Mobile Storage Pod Over a Moving Truck

by May 18, 2021

Mobile storage pods offer a range of uses for different things. Sometimes we talk about the advantages they offer in reference to moves, like extra space. But what about the traditional moving solution, aka a moving truck? In many cases, a person may not have a trailer or vehicle space to transport their belongings that’s practical, so they use a truck. But that too comes with challenges. So what are the advantages a storage pod offers? Let’s break it down.

Advantage #1: Save on gas

Gas adds up fast with a moving truck, and you’re responsible for the cost. The idea is that you make as few trips as possible, but that’s not always the case. Considering the price of moving is already high enough, you want to save as often as possible.

Therefore, with a mobile pod you pay for just that: the pod. Expert teams take the unit to-and-from positions based on your designations. As a bonus, it can save you time.

Advantage #2: No wheels needed

That is to say, you don’t need to know how to drive a truck to move. Trucks are a bit different, unwieldy and large based on their size. Not everyone is comfortable driving them. Heck, you might not drive at all. Regardless, with mobile pods the obstacle of transportation is no longer a concern. It’s safer too, since you don’t have to worry about driving a large, clunky truck while making long trips.

Advantage #3: Storage space 

When you think about a moving van, you have to consider its size. There’s a limit, of course, because even with larger models you once again run into the “unwieldy vehicle” issue (doubly so depending on where you’re going).

Pods, though, provide multiple sizes to choose from which can suit any need, for personal reasons or even professional ones.

Advantage #4: Location convenience

Since a mobile pod can literally be transported and placed where you need it, it reduces the difficulty barrier when actually taking inventory from container to location. It sounds small, but moving trucks only allow for so much movement and free space, whereas a mobile pod can be placed anywhere. You also don’t have a time limit. Companies will charge overages or expect the truck returned to them by end of day, but with pods, you have as long as you need.

This takes a great deal of stress away from the moving process, and during a transition, you’ll want as much of that as possible.

Advantage #5: Time

Time is perhaps the biggest obstacle when it comes to a move (that, and money). With jobs, family, social obligations, and other responsibilities, what time we have for a move – an enormous life transition – is limited. So, mobile pods give you that. Like we mentioned, you’re not on the clock with a mobile pod like you are with traditional solutions. So, you can move at your own pace and not stress about the rest.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you want to take advantage of mobile pod solutions, contact Mobile Attic today.