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The Advantages of Moving in Spring

by Apr 3, 2019


There’s more to a spring season than stuffy noses and clouds of pollen. Spring is a pleasant time of year – arguably with some of the best weather conditions and temperatures. Days are longer, intermixed with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Animals come flocking home and there’s general pleasantness in the air, for good reason. That means, if you’re planning a move, you’ve got some hardy advantages, especially if you’re trying to sell a property.

As mentioned, the weather is a big factor. If you’ve tried to move during the winter or summer, you’re familiar with unpleasant conditions, to say the least. Winter is especially tough, what with travel hazards and issues presented by ice. Spring, though, doesn’t have that. You might get an unexpected shower here or there, but otherwise, spring is calm.

If you’re trying to renovate a house or property to sell, this is even better news. Showcasing property on a nice spring day will, indirectly, benefit the pitch. People are generally in cheerier moods with the sun is out and the sky is clear. They’ll get to see what their potential home looks like on a picturesque afternoon, and there’s no concern over a cluttered lawn from fallen branches or leaves. Positivity leads to positive sales, so spring is advantageous for those reasons.

Another side benefit is lower costs for moving. If you’re looking to use a moving company – either with storage pods or traditional movers – the price is lower. Spring isn’t as busy as summer or winter, where the former is closer to the expiration of lease terms, the beginning of summer break, and vacation time. That means getting a move together is easier, more organized, and cost-effective.

You’ve also got a great excuse to just clean. There’s a reason it’s referred to as “spring cleaning,” and nowhere is that more apparent during the season. It’s not just busy work, either. Cleaning will literally add value to your move. One, because if you’re trying to sell a property, a clean place is vastly more attractive. Two, movers have to move less, cutting down on your travel bill (assuming you utilize professional services). However, if you’re covering the travel costs yourself, it’s still fewer things to move – and fewer trips means less money spent on gas and travel.

Lastly, said road trips are safer to make during springtime. Night driving can be dangerous, especially if you’re moving long distances – so having extended days helps with that. With less travel traffic too, you’ve got fewer things to worry about while transitioning to your new property.

If you’ve been seeking a good time to make a big change, spring is one of the best times of the year. For all the reasons above – and the fact it’s simply nicer. If you’d like assistance for your move or have questions about how mobile pods can assist during a spring-based move, you can also find out more at Mobile Attic.

-Douglas James