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Are Mobile Storage Pods the Best Choice for Moving?

by Jun 2, 2020

Moving’s no easy task. Whether as a business or transitioning to a new home, the obstacles of time, money, and physical storage are a few of the challenges expected. Even more so if you have to move to another part of your state.

For some, choosing a typical transport option simply isn’t practical. So what alternatives exist? Fortunately, many utilize mobile storage pods to assist them when transporting items across long distances.

What is a mobile pod?

Think of a mobile pod like a storage unit “on the go.” You get the luxury of additional space without being confined to a single area. Mobile pods, such as the ones offered by Mobile Attic, can take your items anywhere as long as they’re in the service area.

How do they help me?

As we’ve established, it’s not always practical to choose traditional moving options. Whatever the factors, you can’t get from point A to B without encountering too many problems. This is where the mobile pod solution comes in.

Mobile pods are spacious enough they can fit a variety of needs. Do you have furniture, boxes, even gardening equipment that’s larger than what a traditional U-Haul can fit? Or maybe you want to organize by separating certain objects so they don’t damage one another during travel? Those are just a few things a mobile pod can address. 

Mobile pods can take these items of varying sizes across long distances, keeping them secure and safe. The best part? You can have them transported! Trained teams will take your storage pod(s) full of desired inventory and safely transition them to your new home or place of business. That’s a major benefit!

For one, this saves on time. You won’t need to worry about making forward and return trips while taking your belongings to the new location.  Additionally, you’ll cut into gas costs, since you won’t have to pay for fuel during travel. The only expense is for the moving service itself, which fits a variety of criteria based on the needs.

As a business, this is also a monumental improvement. Businesses have larger stores of inventory to move, and bigger equipment. Therefore, it’s imperative said inventory is moved with the best speed and under safest conditions. Since pods are made with stainless steel frames and locked securely, there’s reduced risk of theft, loss, or damage.

While traditional moving and storage options work if you’re transitioning a short distance, for those facing greater miles, they need something practical and flexible. Mobile storage pods, then, are the solution.

Sound interesting? If you’d like additional information or would like mobile pod services for yourself, you can contact us today at Mobile Attic.