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Are Storage Pods the Right Choice For You?

by Sep 26, 2019

When thinking about moving and storage, it’s natural to evaluate the options. Sometimes you need storage for a move, or, you require storage for long term options. So where do storage pods come into this? Are they right for you? At Mobile Attic, we strive to deliver the best in service, so we want to take you through a few reasons you may want to consider storage pods, whatever your needs are.

1 – You Need External Business Storage

It’s normal for a business to encounter inventory issues, especially if they’re not part of a chain. Often, holidays create increased demand for different itinerary, so it’s important to switch inventory as quickly as possible. But that doesn’t mean said itinerary gets sold.

Additionally, a place of business may need external storage for security reasons. Whatever the purpose, a mobile pod is a convenient resource. Pods can be delivered on-site, then retrieved for secure placement. Because of the size, there’s generous space to fit inventory in, mixed with affordable rental fees on a monthly basis.

2 – Security

As we mentioned with businesses, anyone can use a pod for external security storage. If you have valuables in your home, yard, place of work, you can use a pod to put valuable inventory away, depending on the size. 

What if, for instance, you’re a contractor that keeps valuable supplies at home, like copper wire? If you don’t have security options at home already, you can rely on a storage pod to keep them safe.

3 – You Need More Space

If you’re using traditional storage options, you might have difficulties with limited space. Normal solutions are usually one rental unit, but with storage pods, you can have multiple units of varying sizes. This is good if you’re looking to deal with excess clutter or organize larger objects. 

4 – You’re Planning a Large Move

What sounds easier: going to a stationary storage unit to retrieve your inventory, pack it, then transport it to a new location, or, have the storage unit arrive at your doorstep and pack right there? We’d like to believe it’s the latter, and that’s the convenience storage pods grant. They are designed for accessibility, and so long as they fit the service area, you can get a pod at any point and any time.

This saves you a lot of frustration, but also time and money spent on fuel. 

5 – Personal Safety

We know, this one sounds like a stretch, but moving is both a hassle and in some ways, dangerous. Especially so when you’re moving around large objects, or packing them into smaller vehicles. On the road or at home, it’s easy to injure yourself or have trouble on the road. 

A storage pod circumvents these issues by acting as the vessel of your transportation needs, while also reducing chance of injury by proximity. It might sound strange, but if the pod’s in front of you, there’s less requirement to move around, thereby reducing risk to yourself.

We hope these quick tidbits give you an idea about what to expect with storage pods, and whether they’re the right choice for your moving needs.