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Autumn Moving with Mobile Storage Pods

by Oct 13, 2023

Autumn Moving with Mobile Storage Pods

When the days get shorter and weather is cooler, you know Fall is here. Autumn is personified by shifting leaf colors and rainier days, saying farewell to the humidity of a long summer. For many, autumn isn’t the ideal time to make a major move or life transition. Cold, wet roads and grey skies make for a difficult trip. Furthermore, autumn is around the time cold and flu symptoms perk up. People are in closer proximity and spread the sickness faster, which is the last thing you want if you’re trying to move.

The good news is you are not alone if you’re planning a transition soon. Mobile pods, specifically from Mobile Attic, are a versatile resources worth taking advantage of if you have concerns about fall weather, sickness, or understandable storage concerns.

Let’s examine several ways a mobile storage unit is perfect for any fall move, be it business or personal.

Convenience of mobile storage pods in fall

Since autumn presents a variety of challenges (weather conditions, shorter days, flu season) getting around those is key for a quick, painless move.

Time is one of the biggest factors. When people plan a move, their most common hurdles are related to time and money. Getting the necessary hours of move while managing personal responsibilities like work is difficult. But one of the key advantages with mobile pods is centered around saving time.

Mobile pods are delivered by professional crews within their service area. So, you can order as many pods as necessary for your move, schedule a delivery time, and not worry about picking up the storage units yourself. There’s no need for a specialized rental truck or lofty insurance fees, just receiving the unit. Once you’ve got the pod, you can begin storing valuable inventory and belongings.

Pods can be positioned in close proximity to your home or place of business for quick access too. Cutting down on foot traffic might not sound like a time saver at first, but every minute adds up. This also guarantees you can organize belongings as desired. With less time spent on managing clutter, that’s more valuable hours spent on finishing your move.

Even better, however, is the pods are also deliverable to your new place of business or residence. No expensive rental trucks needed, and no trips to the local public storage facility. You’re packed up and ready to go, cutting down on gas expenses and travel costs.

It also helps reduce risk of getting the flu or common cold. While you should always take extra precautions during travel, using mobile storage pods for a move reduces contact and exposure with people, surfaces, and high-traffic areas. We still recommend care as you travel – wash your hands frequently, cover your face, and keep track of any troubling symptoms. It’s easy to contract influenza or the common cold during the chillier season.

If you’re a business, this concern is elevated. Product and inventory sees frequent foot traffic when storing and moving itinerary. Having everything in one accessible place can reduce the possibility of contracting the flu or common cold. 

What about safety?

Another unfortunate possibility when trying to move during the autumn season is heavy rain or unpredictable weather. It’s not always a concern, but depending on the distance needed for a move, you may need to consider weather conditions like rainy roads. In rarer cases, road debris can even become a problem. Or, just moving during a rainy day makes things that much harder.

But, once again, since you can have mobile storage pods transported to your location of choice, you’ll avoid these hurdles. You can protect your storage and inventory from soggy conditions, as mobile pods are designed with weather resistant stainless steel. They can also be locked and placed in secure locations if you need to protect sensitive and valuable items, like electronics or high-value equipment.

Staying healthy and sick free for a big move

Of course, our suggestions and use of a storage pod won’t amount to much if you do get sick during the chilly season. So, we’ll provide some quick tips on beating the cold – both ways.

However, if you’re feeling under the weather and dealing with concerning symptoms, always consult with a medical professional. In most cases a flu can be beaten with rest, but don’t ignore emergency symptoms if they occur.

Hydration is important

Water and sports drinks are your friend for a move, since transporting items is a physically taxing process. When you work hard and stress your body, your immune system takes a hit too. Hydrating can help avoid this, and will reduce risk of exhaustion as you move.

Watch out for early symptoms

The flu and common cold share similar symptoms, though vary in severity. If you get strange chills, watch out. That may not be the chilly weather, and instead a growth fever. Feeling “cold” even if you’re in warm conditions signals the onset of a flu or cold.

Get plenty of rest

Rest is the best way to combat the cold or flu. You’ll keep yourself energized for a move and allow yourself recovery time when you move boxes, heavy objects, and furniture.

Be mindful of surfaces

Transmission of cold or flu typically occurs when inhaling airborne viruses from others who sneeze or cough. It’s also possible to get surface contamination if you don’t routinely wash your hands. Opening doors/latches to pods, for example, is something to be mindful of.

A move is important, but self-care comes first.

If you plan to transition during the autumn season, consider utilizing mobile storage pods. You’ll save money, reduce travel costs, save on time, and ultimately make the transition that much easier.

For more information, you can contact Mobile Attic for info about our options and services. Happy fall everyone!