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Avoiding Pesky Pests with Summer Cleaning

by Jun 16, 2020

When the warmer season arrives, it brings a few things along. Not just sunnier, longer days, but pests too! Ever wander into your kitchen one day, only to see what appear to be tiny gnats fluttering around? Or, are you noting an increase in insect pests around the house?

Unfortunately, spring and summer are also when pests breed and spread. They look for sustenance anywhere it’s available, and that includes trash and food debris. If you’d rather avoid a heavy pest control fee, we at Mobile Attic have some helpful suggestions.

1 – Clear Food Debris

Food, trash, and food debris are the first things you should go after to cut down on pests. Notoriously pesky insects like fruit flies can expand in numbers with very little sustenance, only requiring water and leftovers. Some of that is often in your kitchen sink drains (which is were drain flies come in too).

To counter this, take extra care to clean up food debris around surfaces. Take some time to use strong cleaning chemicals on the sink to disinfect and kill pests (but not often to avoid contaminating your food). Don’t toss edible leftovers down the sink either, and take out the trash as often as possible.

2 – Dispose of Clutter

There’s nothing a pesky pest loves more than unattended boxes or old debris and clutter to make a new home. Insects like roaches especially are on the prowl for any kind of hiding space they can get. If you’ve got old boxes, trash, or other things building up in a pile, it’s time to toss them! Otherwise, you might have some other unwelcome guests hiding in your home.

3 – Manage the lawn

If you have a lawn, it can be a hotbed for all sorts of life. While insects and various animal species are typically harmless, having too much brush and growth can all ones you don’t want around to propagate. Such insects like ticks, fleas, chiggers, and mosquito take advantage of overgrown lawns and places with heavy brush. 

4 – Organize

Whether a closet or outside storage area, do your best to reduce clutter and organize objects. The more accessible things are, the easier they are to clean in general. Again, organizing clutter also means pests have less areas to potentially hide behind, so you won’t get any unwelcome surprises when you’re sprucing the place up.

5 – Try a storage unit

Things building up too much around the house? If you’re severely lacking in space, a mobile storage unit is an alternative. They provide a protective exterior space that can come directly to you, giving your home room to breathe while you clean. The best part? No pests.

Hopefully these tips help your living space feel cozier for the approaching warmer season. If you need additional resources or want to learn about storage pods, contact us at Mobile Attic.