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Beating the South Carolina Heat

by Jul 7, 2017

Let me start things off by saying that I love South Carolina. I love the greenery, the wholehearted acceptance of delicious fried foods and the historical cities that make the Palmetto state memorable. There is a trade-off, though. To have all this beauty and quaint disregard for proper nutrition, we must have humidity and scorching summers; it’s how the universe stays in balance. Chances are you are not willing/not planning to move to the desolate environment that is Antarctica (biggest desert on the planet; fun fact), though it would be a nice change of pace to have a group of penguin pals. Mobile Attic won’t be able to deliver that far, unfortunately, but we are willing to offer some tips to keep you cool over your summer move. Whether you are moving down the street or one state over, the heat can put a big, stinking scorch mark on your personal health and, by extension, the health of your move. This requires much less brain power than training yourself to slow your heart rate or fooling your mind into thinking that the entire world has experienced some catastrophic ice age. Get that reusable water bottle ready as we delve into these handy tips!

Fun with Fans! Simple enough solution. Just gather a group of your adoring fans and have them wave some palm leaves in front of you. Terrible puns aside, there are some interesting things you can do with fans that will cut down energy costs while keeping you comfortable. While you sleep, it would be better to have the fan positioned toward an open window to suck out the hot air and bring in a fresh supply of cool, crisp, moon-kissed breezes. Make sure that the house is shut up tight during the day so that you don’t bake alive in the interior. For a homemade air conditioning unit that would make my father, an expert when it comes to all things HVAC, cry a little bit, place a fan on top of an open box full of ice. This will cycle ice-cold air into the room and take out the sun’s influence without mortally wounding your wallet.

Cool Body Hacks! We haven’t gotten to the point in our futuristic history where we can inject liquid coolant through our artificial veins like some beach-going cyborgs. You also probably don’t have time to learn how to slow your heart rate through concentration, so the next best thing would be to avoid caffeine and alcohol! Alright, maybe not the next BEST thing, but it certainly helps in this situation. Stick to the water. Our life-abundant planet is covered in the stuff for a reason. Oddly enough, you can also try eating spicy foods. I know you probably looked at your computer screen like I’m crazy but listen before you hit that ‘X’! Scientist’s call this weirdness “gustatory facial sweating”; it is when the temperature on the inside of your body rises to match the temperature on the outside, and this happens when you eat spicy foods! You start sweating and, presto, you are officially cooled off. The cold rag is your best friend in this kind of weather. If you are working outside or moving in the direct sunlight, wrap it around the back of your neck and put on a large-billed hat. This will keep the sun out of your eyes and every subtle breeze will be heaven. If you need to cool down quickly, wrap it around your pulse so that the blood is cooled as it passes through your body.

Go Somewhere Cold! If you are trying to survive the summer on a budget, it might be worth your time getting out of the oven-of-a home you currently reside in and having an adventure to one of the many air conditioned public spaces that are certifiably freezing cold. You could hang out at a local shopping center for a few hours, check out a few books at the local library (and get a library card while you’re at it), or, my favorite and a combination of the two, go to your favorite book store and smell each and every book so that you can enjoy the array of aromas delivered through new books. You can also try going to the movies, because those places are always cold. Whatever it is, try to be creative and use it as an excuse to relax, removed completely from your move and its stresses.