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Benefits of Portable Storage for Valentine’s Day

by Feb 6, 2019

Everyone loves a good holiday. What they don’t like – and often forget – is the mess associated with it. If you think Valentine’s Day is excluded from the mess, don’t be fooled. With every business encouraging you to drown your loved ones in a sea of gifts, cards, and candy, there’s plenty of plastic trash to go around for the rest of the year.
But just as well, there’s storage to consider. Some like to keep the cards. Some like to decorate. If you’re a business, you probably have a variety of unique Valentine’s stock to get moving. Once all is said and done, where do you put it? Clutter up the attic with untouched junk?
Fortunately, Mobile Attic provides a solution with portable storage. We emphasize just how useful our options are for clutter, and it’s the same for Valentine’s Day.

Business Organization
To keep up the pace with the hectic holiday, a business generally shifts stock when relevant. However, unless you’re a larger company with time and staff to spare, getting things moved around is easier said than done.
Thankfully, Mobile Attic can send portable pods directly to you for easy stock and storage. If you need to make space for Valentine’s inventory, a pod can come right to you. If you need to clean and put away excess items, it’s the same deal. You’ll cut down on time and cost associated with travel, allowing you to fulfill your bottom line.

Declutter the Home
After all the hugs and kisses are dispensed, you’re left with trash and potentially boxes of Valentine’s Day itinerary you may not want out. Or, if you’ve decorated your home in theme-appropriate ornamentation, you’ll have to put it away.
It’s the mundane task nobody likes but has to do – unless you plan on living in a Valentine house the rest of the year. But, portable storage provides a workaround. You won’t need to make several uncomfortable trips to the attic or basement – just the one with Mobile Attic. You can organize your décor as needed while sending it off to a safe location, ready to retrieve whenever you need it.
Everything stays neat and nobody gets crabby. Nothing sours a Valentine like the stress of a long, annoying cleanup.

Protecting Valuables
The decorations are one thing, but what about valuables? You might decide you’d like to keep a special something away from home, and a portable storage pod provides that option. Toss high-value items in a safe and put it in a pod, or maybe you want to keep clothing or jewelry separate from home to avoid weather damage.
Whatever your reason, the pod gives you options outside the norm so you’re not stuck with clutter.
Whether you’re looking to make your loved ones feel special or make bank on Valentine’s Day, Mobile Attic can give you an extra advantage. Relax, declutter, and think about what’s important this year.


-Douglas James