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The Best Beaches in Charleston

by Apr 18, 2019


Nothing says a great day like some time at the beach, and if you live in the Charleston area, you know this all too well. But, if you’re a newcomer to the historic city, or passing by as a visitor, we encourage you to check out at least one of our beautiful beaches. Each is geared for specific things and anyone can find something to do (if nothing else, soaking in sun and gorgeous scenery). We’ll list some of our favorites, and hope you have the chance to visit them!

Edisto Beach

Need some respite from the noise and celebration of Charleston? You’ll appreciate Edisto Beach, a calmer part of the city. Four miles of beautiful coast are accompanied by the general oddities washing ashore, a great spot for families and individuals desiring escape from the usual activity of Charleston.

Folly Beach

Despite the name, you’ll find good times in this small town of bars and music, along with a vista of the grand, endless sea. If you really want a good look at the amazing ocean, the local pier is perfect for sightseeing, welcoming to all who visit.

Bulls Island

When we think beaches, images of sand castles and laughing gatherings are conjured up. Bulls Island, though, is nothing like that. A good distance from Charleston, Bulls Island sits in isolation, accompanied by ruined trees at Boneyard Beach. It carries a sad beauty, and something worth checking out if you want to discover wilderness that’s (mostly) undisturbed.

Kiawah Island

This island and its respective park are the total opposite of Bulls Island. Scenic beauty is the name of the game here, argued as one of the most “must see” places in the United States. Most are privately owned, but for a low entry fee, visitors can enjoy the Beachwalker Park and all the accompanying splendor. Prices vary but generally start at $5.

Isle of Palms

A popular choice for everyone, Isle of Palms is nothing short of fun and gorgeous. Families can find enjoyable activities here – from the beach to golf to watersports – or head inland for a drink or two.

Sullivan’s Island

If you haven’t noticed, Charleston has no shortage of islands. But don’t let the tranquility fool you – when it comes to vacation time, Sullivan’s Island is a hotspot of activity. Whether you’re interested in hanging out on packed beach days is up to you, but like other choices in our list, it’s another gorgeous venue. It’s also worth checking out the historic Poe’s Tavern. The famous Edgar Poe lived here during his military service – originally in 1827.

Morris Island

A counterpart to Folly Beach, Morris Island is an isolated beach fit for those who aren’t into the party scene. It’s a boat ride from Folly, and the only band you can expect is the voice work of the ocean, with a backup chorus of floating gulls.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the history of Charleston, but there’s plenty of natural splendor to enjoy. Check out these hotspot choices on your next visit. And hey, if you need help getting there, give us a visit here at Mobile Attic.


-Douglas James