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Best Ways to Store Your Electronics for a Move

by Feb 26, 2020

Electronics are extremely sensitive to their environment, and it’s easy to overlook that during a hectic move. If you need to store them for a short duration, they can be damaged without proper care. While electronic devices vary – from mobile smartphones to laptops – they’re all sensitive to the same conditions. The last thing you want, then, is to power one of them on, only to find it no longer works or suffered damage.

Mobile Attic wants your move to go smoothly, so we’ve got some techniques put together to keep your devices from going all black screen. 

Do you have the original package? Use that.

One reason it’s worth keeping the original boxes for an electronic device is specifically for storage, safety material included. Often electronics are combined with static-resistant bags and material to negate electrical buildup. Also, it makes for a handy option, so you don’t have to go looking for another box before a move and risk cluttering the devices with other object.

Keep those wires organized.

As you begin to prep devices for moving, like televisions and computers, we highly recommend bundling them together in labelled packages and/or bags (or whatever works). Wires make clutter fast, so make the process easier on yourself by keeping things contained together. Also, there’s less chance things get tangled and damaged when moving.

Don’t put things on electronics.

Big surprise, but electric devices aren’t made to have things stacked on top of them. However, you store them, don’t stack heavy objects on them. In fact, don’t put anything on top of them at all if you can help it.

Use anti-static material and foam.

It might sound obvious, but investing in anti-static material can save you a mountain of headaches. Electronics are sensitive to random surges in static and electricity and dangerous to your hardware. If you don’t have original packaging, get some of this. This is great for sensitive components and even interior PC parts (though be sure to read directions for proper use).

Take out components as needed.

Some devices, like printers, might have removable components which are sensitive. Take those out before packing them and place them in containers for improved organization. Do this as necessary for each device.

Keep them away from extreme temperatures.

Remember, electronic devices are sensitive to their environment regarding temperature too. Freezing cold can impact sensitive and brittle metals, or create condensation when taking from a cold to warm environment. We don’t think we need to tell you that electronics and water don’t mix. The same is said for hot or humid temperatures, as all that can overheat and cause problems

Above all, practice caution with your electronic devices and take extra care when storing them for a move. 

If you’d like additional assistance, you can utilize a mobile storage pod for more options. Visit Mobile Attic for more information.