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Planning  Activities with Games and Board Games
 In a world where instant forms of digital entertainment are commonplace, it’s easy to forget about traditional ways of doing things. Board games, while not quite extinct, don’t see as much play as they used to. And, digital media versions of them exist, like Monopoly, so a classic “game night” isn’t quite what it used to be.

It’s understandable, especially as we get older. Setting up times to get together for a board game is hard with busy, job-demanding schedules. Spending your free time on one game for a few hours isn’t always at the

Top Tips For A Safe Winter Move

Winter is a great time of year if you love cold weather and snow. But, if you’re moving, maybe not so much. The cold creates a variety of complications when making a move, including safety hazards. Mobile Attic wants you to be safe, so we’ve compiled some tips to remember when preparing for a transition during the cold season.

1 – Keep Warm Clothes/Blankets Ready

You can’t always predict the weather, and if you’re in a circumstance of little heat, having some emergency blankets ready to go will save you a lot of trouble. Depending on

Cold Weather Storage Tips
When it’s cold, we beat the season by wrapping ourselves in warm clothing and turning on the heat. But for the things in your living space, it’s a different story. When the temperature drops, items are also affected by colder weather, and often for the worst, which means you need to not only keep yourself warm, but your belongings too. This is especially the case for electronics or other sensitive equipment. To help, Mobile Attic has a few solutions for proper storage in cold weather.
Avoid Windows and Openings
Wherever cold air can leak into your business or home

Keeping it Organized after New Years

2023 is finally here, a time for fresh starts and new perspectives. As we create our list of resolutions and prepare for the incoming change of times, there’s a little detail we’ve overlooked. A lot of them, in fact! Post New Years clean up and organization.

Oh no. 

Yes, unfortunately, one of the easiest details to overlook is the cleanup of after-holiday celebrations. Christmas and New Years are some of the busiest days for friends and family, what with decorations and gift wrapping. But once it’s all said and done, that’s a lot of clutter to deal

Getting the Best out of the New Year with Mobile Storage Pods

2023 is almost upon us and the New Year’s season is right around the corner. Like with every year, it’s a time of celebration and reflection, a fresh start, and a way to do better. In other words, the list of New Year’s resolutions, a checklist of things we set out to accomplish for the fast-approaching new year.

But if you’re a smaller business, the resolution list looks a whole lot different. What goals do you have? Are you looking to expand? Do you want to bring in a bigger

Winter and Holiday Craft Ideas with Mobile Pods

It’s that time of year! 2022 is reaching its end with the Christmas and holiday season right around the corner. For many its time of elaborate decorations, snow, and holiday cheer. For others it’s an excuse to show off their creative skills with some holiday focused crafts.

Craft projects, especially for Christmas time, are a fantastic way to enjoy the holiday. Anything from cards, personalized ornaments, or hand-crafted presents fit this category. But it doesn’t stop there, you can even take advantage of mobile storage pods to enhance your Christmas decoration experience. How? We’ll

Gift and Holiday Storage with Mobile Pods

Even Santa needs help around the holidays. With long shopping lists and wishes to fill, it’s a wonder anyone has the space to put it. Decorations, supplies, and gifts are part of the holiday, but it’s easy to overlook the clutter they can create. Where will it go? Do you have the inventory? What if you’re planning a big holiday decoration for your front yard? They’re fun ideas, but in execution, things get tricky.

What’s a Claus to do? Fortunately, there’s more than just a sleigh to hoist gifts and supplies. You can manage the

Handling Surplus Holiday Inventory with Storage Pods

When the holidays roll around, it’s a stressful time for businesses. The trifecta of end-of-year sales puts immense pressure on various companies, who seek to capitalize on special themes and sales. Halloween, then Black Friday deals, and of course, the Christmas and December holidays. The latter in particular is a serious crunch, not only for sales reasons, but décor and inventory reasons too. 

The worst-case scenario for smaller businesses is lack of space for holiday inventory, primarily due to surplus. Clutter builds up and suddenly you’re overflowing with inventory – what do you do?

Mobile Pods and DIY Seasonal Ideas for 2022
A DIY project is a great way to express one’s creativity, take advantage of spare resources around the house, and find a way to engage in a hands-on activity that only asks you use a little imagination. DIY – do it yourself – is as it sounds, a project of any size making use of limited supplies to come up with a creative concept. They’re a great way to spend a day, perfect for all age groups.

But that’s just it, of course: ideas! For the season of 2022 there’s a lot of potential

Safety tips for moving during the cold and flu season

When the weather gets colder, people spend time in closer proximity, the prime occasion for spreading influenza and the common cold. These nasty diseases are no fun, often disabling a person for days with dreadful side effects, sleepless nights, and discomfort. Worse still, even after one has fought off the cold or flu, symptoms can remain for days, even weeks, increasing chance of infection to others. No worse time to get either of these seasonal bugs is moving day, an already stressful experience.

You’ll recall how challenging things were during the

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