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If you’re in the robust, lively area of Charleston, you might be considering a move. As the area develops, you’re in no shortage of choices, but perhaps lacking the means to get around. In other words, transporting your stuff from point A to B is a big hassle, and you might not have anyone to help. But hey, not to worry! Pods storage is a useful solution for people who need an answer to their packing problem.

You’ve probably heard of this before: storage pods and/or mobile storage solutions. They’re essentially the same and function the same. But, even though they

Mobile storage pods are a unique answer to the problem “where do I put my things.” Generally, before the use of a pod, a person needing extra space had to rely on traditional methods for their storage solutions. Generally, this meant renting out space to put their inventory in. People still use them today, of course, but it’s not always an ideal answer to their space issues.

Mobile pods for the Greenville, SC area were issued to address problems like these. The question is, what are the advantages of a mobile pod over typical storage? While both have their positives, there

When thinking about moving and storage, it’s natural to evaluate the options. Sometimes you need storage for a move, or, you require storage for long term options. So where do storage pods come into this? Are they right for you? At Mobile Attic, we strive to deliver the best in service, so we want to take you through a few reasons you may want to consider storage pods, whatever your needs are.

1 – You Need External Business Storage

It’s normal for a business to encounter inventory issues, especially if they’re not part of a chain. Often, holidays create increased demand for

Congrats, you’re in the Greenville area and you’ve decided to make a move! A home transition is a big deal and no doubt there’s lots to be done. The journey is just beginning, so why not take advantage of every resource you have? If you’ve decided to utilize portable storage pods for moving, great! They’ll make the trip that much easier as you settle into your new home.

If you’re moving, you probably know the essentials. But when using pods for moving, you might have some questions. Not to worry, we’ve got a few tips to get you prepared! We also

It’s no secret moving is a stressful, time consuming task. But, what if you’re short on the latter? It certainly doesn’t help and turns a move into a mountainous task. Moving a home in a week (or less) looks and feels impossible, daunting in scope. However, it can be done, and we’ve got a few tips to help you make a successful transition.

First off, a few things to consider. One: will you use moving services? If you do, we recommend mobile storage pods if they’re in your service area. If you’re planning a solo act, see if you can get

When it comes to moving, there are numerous angles to take into consideration. Time of day, fuel required, trips to make, weight, and so on. But one often overlooked is the packing material. No, not what you put your valuables into, what you use to protect said valuables. It doesn’t usually come up until you find you don’t have enough to shield precious china or safeguard electronics. When that happens, what do you do?

To help you along your move and hopefully your transition in Charleston that much easier, we’ve assembled a short list of materials for your consideration. These

Mobile Attic doesn’t just love SC for its breathtaking scenery and enchanting vistas, it’s also our love of nature and the amazing wildlife found everywhere. There’s a lot to appreciate, and we wanted to share some of our favorite fauna with you, along with selections which are quite unique to the state of South Carolina.

The State Animals

Like other states, South Carolina has selections representing its famous animal life from a variety of species.

The Whitetail Deer

Deer, a common mammal found throughout the southeast, is a friendly visitor found just about anywhere in the state, including parks. If you’re out for

Mobile Attic always strives to give you the best service and tips when it comes to a move, and often we touch on transitions for families or people getting their own place. But it’s not uncommon to have roommates, and in fact, plenty of apartment situations offer this instead of a single, expensive lease. Of course, living with new people is always a different experience, so we’ve got some tips to help you feel right at home with your (hopefully) new friends.

1 – Organize Move-In Times

Depending on where you go, it’s possible there are set move-in times for new arrivals

Mobile Attic strives to always provide the best in service and quality. Our goal is to get your inventory/personal belongings from point A to B with as little fuss as possible. If you’re in the Greenville area, you might be considering a storage pod option versus traditional ones. If that’s the case, we welcome the opportunity to work for you! We also have a few tips, things you should expect when utilizing storage pods to best serve you.

1 – Flexibility

Though you might think of storage pods as only for certain kinds of inventory, the truth is, they’re useful for just

Mobile Attic loves travelers and new residents from all over, especially if you’re joining our family here in South Carolina! Whether you’re passing through or staying permanently, you’ve likely noticed one thing: the heat! Unlike other states, SC has a consistent temperature, and the coldest days get no lower than 50. For some, this is great, for others, beating the heat is a trial! So, if you’re looking to stay cool year-round, we have a few helpful tips for you.

1 – Stay Hydrated
One of the most essential things one must do in any hot weather. If it wasn’t obvious, always

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