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If you’re planning a move during the late fall or winter, there are plenty of challenges to deal with. The colder season brings about different weather conditions which can impair travel. Additionally, autumn is where flu cases rise, since people stay indoors more often than not. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic which will make the 2020 fall season a riskier season, you have a lot more on your plate than just storing things in boxes.

But mobile pods are a great solution for the various challenges presented by both cold weather and disease. We’ll go over a few things to keep

Though 2020 has presented challenges this year when it comes to our usual routines, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this autumn. While it’s important to maintain personal safety and hygiene to reduce risk of COVID-19 spreading, you can still do plenty to enjoy yourself in the Columbia area.

As always, make sure to double check for current information and potential hour changes related to COVID-19.

With that, let’s go through some things you can do to have fun this fall!

Have a s’more cookout

If you’ve got a fire, you can have a s’more. S’mores are a tasty and indulgent sugary snack

2020 has brought about some serious challenges, to say the least. With the surge of COVID-19, a national pandemic created problems across the United States, forcing us to change how we go about our daily lives. This has touched everything from curfews, wearing masks, mandates, and social distancing. Because of said complications, we’ve also had to change how we interact with people, friends and family.

Naturally, it puts a damper on traditional celebration plans. For many, their Thanksgiving is a different affair with Coronavirus around the corner. How best do we celebrate the holiday, and how do we keep things safe?

Are you considering external storage but don’t know where to start? Mobile Attic is the answer. People seek external storage options when they lack enough space for personal inventory. Or, they need the extra space for a move. In other scenarios, a business needs extra storage for a host of different reasons. Regardless, portable storage options fit any of those requirements seamlessly, whereas traditional options don’t everyone’s needs.

Mobile Attic is committed to bringing you the best service, we’ll break down the pros and cons.

You get as much space as you need

Traditional storage options are leased units found at a single,

Closer to the coast, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine autumn, given we don’t associate palm trees with things like Halloween. However, despite 2020’s challenges, you can still find several enjoyable things to do this season. To help, Mobile Attic has our last list of Fall activities. Let’s get started!

Set a night aside for ghost stories

Not just silly stories to tell in the dark, get into the Halloween spirit (and autumn) with stories about paranormal events. The scariest ones are the ones that seem plausible, ranging from supposed hauntings, poltergeists, and film encounters. Nothing

Autumn is a great time of year, but what’s not so great is influenza, aka the flu. Indeed, the flu has been under the radar given the prevalence of COVID-19, but unfortunately, it’s still a problematic reality. In fact, Coronavirus has only made the situation worse, so more than ever it’s important to practice good health habits to keep yourself out of sick territory. 

Mobile Attic believes in your safety and happiness, so we’ve assembled some 2020 conscious tips for staying healthy and avoiding the flu.

#1: Get your immunizations

Simplest tip is to get your flu shots if you haven’t already. This

Election Day 2020 is just a few days away. As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on and a lot at stake.  But here’s a kicker: we’re not dealing with a typical presidential election - and in fact, nothing about 2020 has been typical, has it?

Among one of the many elements changing the scope of this year’s election process has been, of course, COVID-19. Health experts have recommended social distancing and avoiding gatherings to help reduce spread of the virus. But with election time coming up, it’s hard to do! In response, states have urged voters to apply for

Despite the chaotic year, many look to the Halloween season to enjoy themselves and indulge in spooks and candy. Though it’s important to be mindful of health amid COVID, you can still have fun. 

To enhance your autumn scary season, here’s a few fun things about Halloween!

It was originally a Gaelic holiday, Samhain

Before Halloween came to America, it was known as Samhain, a celebration of the year’s twilight. Though not quite fool of candy and scary movies, Samhain still lives in the heart of All Hallows Eve. In fact, trademark things we celebrate are all part of Samhain’s origin.

For instance, wearing

We’re back with our fall activities article series! Last time we discussed things involving a lot of fire. This time, not so much.

As always, our activities will be based on a few considerations: safety, budget, and location. Mobile Attic understands this isn’t a typical year so doing the usual isn’t a guarantee. Also, we know that not everyone has a budget for expensive ventures, so our recommendations will either be free or budget minded.

With that, let’s get on with the next suggestions!

Carving pumpkins but with your own designs

Really now, no autumn is complete without a good old pumpkin carving session.

Influenza spreads quickly around the later part of the year. Primarily, it’s because people are in closer proximity to the other as the weather cools down. Additionally, schools start their semester which increases opportunities for getting sick. 

Influenza is always dangerous, but combined with the current Coronavirus pandemic, many are more worried than usual about staying healthy. It’s challenging, but doable. To help, did you know that mobile storage pods offer several advantages when dealing with the flu? 
How mobile pods help with flu protection
How do pods help with protection against the flu? Through organization, space management, social distancing, and cleanliness.

Organization applies

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