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It’s that time of year again where the weather gets cooler, darker, and spookier. Autumn is a celebrated time of year for many, appreciating the beautiful change of leaf coloration, contemplating over the year, enjoying cider, and putting pumpkin spice in just about everything.

While 2020 has been a chaotic year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Fall with themed activities. Mobile Attic is bringing you a several part article series to give you some ideas. Additionally, we’re keeping your safety in mind in regards to COVID-19. With that said, let’s get started!

Plan an Autumn Fire

Alright, this one sounds more

The school season is facing some challenges this year. It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has changed the opening of institutions across the country as facilities keep student safety their top priority. Minding that, there are the usual challenges to account for. With resources strained, including space, administrators have to take some special considerations. Fortunately, mobile storage pods offer extra help.

Additional storage space

The first and obvious benefit to mobile storage pods is the expansion of space, without relying on a single center. Mobile pods can be used for anything, too, ranging from general supplies to equipment. That’s a far better alternative

Often at Mobile Attic we tackle the benefits of portable pods for living units, businesses, schools, and general storage needs. But what about a family? What about parents? Can they use mobile storage pods too for their specific needs? 

The answer: absolutely! Granted, it’s a more “creative” use of mobile pods, but there are some indirect benefits a family can take advantage of, specific to parenting. We’ll highlight some of those below!
Additional, practical space
Parents need space depending on how many children they’re caring for. Some have the space, some don’t. Heck, even in a large house, it’s easy to lose room

We talk a lot about mobile storage containers for obvious reasons. It’s in our name, after all! But this often takes away from discussions about the traditional counterpart. Storage units or rental units are common and found just about everywhere, providing additional space for individuals, businesses, and families.

Why they’re needed varies, but ultimately comes down to needing more space. Also, the services, storage size, and location will vary by vendor. Typically, storage rentals charge a monthly fee and provide one unit per lease.

Key Differences

As the name implies, there are some major differences between regular storage units and mobile storage pods.

We did a quickfire comparison between stationary storage solutions and mobile pods. While stationary units do have uses, however, there’s no denying the numerous benefits offered by its mobile alternative. People have less time due to personal responsibilities, so flexibility for the modern age is a must. As such, we’re going to continue highlighting some of the advantages of using mobile pods over traditional storage options.

Benefits and Conveniences

The unit comes to you

It’s in the name – mobile. Pods arriving at your doorstep, be it for business or personal. Essentially, imagine a garage arriving on your front doorstep, dictated at a

Now’s the time to check if you’re prepared for a possible spike in COVID-19 cases this Fall/Winter. Mobile Attic wants you to be safe, so we’ll help by giving you a checklist of things to consider. 

Do you have enough non-perishable food items?

One of the initial responses to COVID-19 was a quarantine which varied in severity based on state. Regardless, having access to non-perishable food items is important (meaning these items don’t expire or have an extended shelf-life).

If not, check over current supplies and organize meals for yourself and family. How long will it last? Mobile Attic recommends at least a

The southeast is no stranger to storms, often close enough to the coast to deal with the brunt of tropical surges – hurricanes or otherwise. If you’re in the South Carolina area, this is a hassle, a safety hazard, and sometimes a routine part of life. Of course, when hurricanes (or similar) are on the way, instinct is to protect yourself and property.

Did you know the mobile pods are a handy alternative to storage solutions? If you’re sweating damage to property or valuables because you lack a safe place to stow them away, a pod is an ideal alternative solution. 


Summer is almost over, but the days are still hot and humid. For many though, it’s a little different. People are trying to stay healthy and safe while balancing activities. Some turn to camping and other summer activities where social distancing is best practiced.

But whatever you’re trying to do this summer season (or not) you can take advantage of mobile storage pods for summer. Pods are a great way to store things away for the season, or set up for events. We’ll explore a few interesting ways mobile pods can help for summer activities and camping.

Summer storage for equipment and

Storm season is upon us, and much of the southeast will face down tropical storms for a portion of the year. Hurricanes are especially nasty around this time, putting people in danger. Additionally, protecting property – personal or for business – is a major concern. 

We discussed the benefits of mobile pods for pre and post storm, but, we’ll also touch on the benefits of using pods to prepare for a storm.


As you know, having a mobile storage container over a stationary one is extremely valuable. Coastal storms – even tropical ones – bring powerful winds and dangerous rain to even

Storage pods provide unique organization options for diners

When you think of a mobile pod, you associated it with moving. Other times, for stowing away inventory for short or extended periods. But dare we say, that’s not thinking outside the box? Mobile storage pods provide a whole host of benefits. For this article, we’ll talk about some of those benefits for restaurants, diners, and eateries.

What benefits does a mobile pod provide?

As a restaurant, you’ve got a lot of inventory considerations to track. Not only food but supplies as well. For food storage, it’s better to use temperature-controlled storage (unless you can

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