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For 16 years Mobile Attic has been offering convenient, stress-free moving and storage solutions to the communities of South Carolina. We’ve been there for our community when markets crashed, when storms came, and we’re going to be there for you now.

Mobile Attic’s work has been deemed essential by all government orders regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Our three SC locations will continue to remain operational, and available to meet your moving and storage needs.

Our staff has always cleaned our containers after each rental, but we are taking extra precautions now. We are working to ensure our containers and facilities remain clean

It’s that wonderful pollen-y time of year again! You know what that means? Spring cleaning! In fact, now is perhaps one of the better times to maintain a nice home. If you’re concerned about the COVID-19 virus especially, keeping your living space as clean as possible can help (or just reduce risk of getting sick in general). If you’ve just moved, you’ll want to consider doing some extra cleaning too. 

1 – Make a list of areas you don’t normally clean

This is a prime opportunity to think and list out areas of your living space you don’t actually get to clean

When we talk about storage at Mobile Attic, often it’s about electronics, personal items, clothing, and space management. But one of the most important things to store is also food. That is to say, storing food items in such a way it lasts as long as possible. Getting the most out of your edible products is a key way to save money and reduce waste. Not to mention, it’s handy to know when you’re on a budget.

Use these tips for food storage for the best possible results.

Freeze Meat or Store Correctly

Meat is great for cooking and a core part of

If you’ve recently moved to a new place for the spring season, congrats! Also, after said move, you might be short on cash considering transitioning is costly. What adds to the ol’ wallet burner? Why, bills, specifically electric bills. Yes as spring comes around you might find yourself cranking the AC more often than not, and unfortunately this heavy use (among things) adds to the bill strain.

Mobile Attic is committed to easing you in any move transition, so we have some tips to help you cut back on power usage (among things).

1 – Close up windows during the day

By this

As the new season rolls around, most take it upon themselves to start spring cleaning. Part of cleaning, however, isn’t only doing a scrub and sweep. In fact, an excellent way to declutter your living space is by using organization tools. Organizers make your inventory easy to access and grant extra space around the home. Also, it just feels better.

Mobile Attic has a recommended list for organizer products.

Door/Wall Racks

The walls and doors of your home are great places to install new spaces for items. Adjustable racks can be used for all sorts of things, from cleaning products to spices to

We at Mobile Attic talk a lot about the different ways you can move and store your things. But one category that often gets overlooked are hobbies, such as crafts and art. As any artist, trade person, or crafter can tell you, tools and materials are incredibly valuable. While some can be replaced, things like paint, for example, add up in cost. Therefore, they should be taken care of when stored or moved, just like anything else.

Mobile Attic is here to help with a few things to keep in mind when you’re moving or storing art supplies.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are

Often when I write for Mobile Attic it’s based on a variety of subjects involving storage and moving. This is a company that prides itself on helping others, whether personal or professional, and the topics reflect that. However, this time I’m taking a different direction.

Moving is tough, there’s no way around it. It requires planning, timing, and packing. It also requires money, and typically a good chunk of that. I myself made a major location transition a few years ago, and I was presented with a pretty difficult hurdle: I had no vehicle and was moving to an apartment two

As if moving from one place to another wasn’t hard enough! When transitioning into a new home, we’re already expecting a few issues. But there are plenty of common headaches that can be avoided, some dangerous to both person and finances. Be mindful of them if you’ve got a big transition coming up.

1 – Safety and Injury

When moving objects, heavy and otherwise, injury is a common issue for “do it yourself” movers. That’s either from dropped objects or difficulty lifting extremely heavy furniture.

Hire moving services to help with this, or take every precaution necessary before shifting heavy objects.

2 – Losing

Roommates provide an interesting living experience, and if you’ve never had them before, the concept can sound intimidating. That’s normal, of course, these are strangers you’ll have to get to know over the course of a year. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. How we prepare ourselves and acclimate to the new environment will affect that.

Whether you’re a student or someone looking to cut down on rent, here’s a few things you might encounter when getting roommates, and what to prepare for.


Or, frankly, lack of. Cleanliness is one of the big things you’ll have to adapt to with

Electronics are extremely sensitive to their environment, and it’s easy to overlook that during a hectic move. If you need to store them for a short duration, they can be damaged without proper care. While electronic devices vary – from mobile smartphones to laptops – they’re all sensitive to the same conditions. The last thing you want, then, is to power one of them on, only to find it no longer works or suffered damage.

Mobile Attic wants your move to go smoothly, so we’ve got some techniques put together to keep your devices from going all black screen. 

Do you have

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