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Summer is back, make it better with a mobile pod!

Well over a year ago the world was facing down the problems of a pandemic. And while today COVID-19 is something to continue to remain serious about, vaccinations and caution have allowed people to return to a bit of normalcy. The great news is that for many, gatherings can resume. Even better, holidays and summertime are right around the corner. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the summer season outdoors, even better news, mobile pods can make it better.

Mobile pods act as transportable storage units. That means you can better

Empowering your landscaping project with mobile storage units

Landscaping projects are never small in scope. Even if it’s for a living space or home unit, overhauling the yard or exterior area is a tribunal in itself. It requires space, supplies, organization, and planning. If you’re jumping into a landscape project, we’ll assume you have this covered. Though, even with the best intentions, you’ll find yourself running short on space soon enough.

As landscape goals are big in nature, you’ll want every advantage at your disposal for a smooth job. If you’re a business, even more so, since time is money. Fortunately, you

Using mobile storage pods to celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day, like most American holidays, is a big deal for some! But as a holiday it comes with lots of planning and supply management. Whether you’re doing something as a business or for a personal celebration, no doubt the headache of getting everything together lingers in the background.

While for some Memorial Day is a small affair, others like to do things like big cookouts and hang lots of decorations. Whatever you’re planning, however, know that mobile pods work great for Memorial Day celebration events. We’ll tell you how (with an extra focus

When transitioning to a new living space, doing so with pets make everything much harder. Our animal friends go through the same anxieties and stresses we do. It’s frightening, as you can imagine, as they’re watching their living space completely change without totally understanding why. On top of that, once the move is made, they have to adapt to the new location. 

So how can you make moving for your pets as stress free as possible? We’ve got some tips, and of course, will explain how mobile storage pods can help.

1 – Move pets on the same day if you can


Mobile storage pods offer a range of uses for different things. Sometimes we talk about the advantages they offer in reference to moves, like extra space. But what about the traditional moving solution, aka a moving truck? In many cases, a person may not have a trailer or vehicle space to transport their belongings that’s practical, so they use a truck. But that too comes with challenges. So what are the advantages a storage pod offers? Let’s break it down.

Advantage #1: Save on gas

Gas adds up fast with a moving truck, and you’re responsible for the cost. The idea is

Retail and commercial have plenty of challenges during a daily work cycle. Among them is inventory management and storage, the backbone of their capital. Whether it’s for stocking, holiday, or specials, a retail business needs to keep its flow of wares organized.

But it’s not uncommon for even the best enterprise to run into storage issues. Either from overflow or management issues, it’s easy for products to crowd the floor. But, there is a solution. Mobile storage pods can offer a unique alternative to traditional warehouse methods, especially for smaller retailers. Or, even major commercial providers can utilize mobile storage solutions

Everyone has a routine for the spring season. Some take the time to clean, others start a garden, many plan activities. But if you want to try something new this year, a landscaping project could be a fascinating new endeavor. Or, it’s a project you routinely do. But whatever the reason, this time you have a brand-new advantage: a mobile storage pod.

Landscaping, as you know, is an arduous project, no matter the size of the terrain in question. For now, though, we’ll focus on a hobbyist approach versus large-scale business endeavors. So, if you have a lot of yards you

A move is a big ordeal as you can imagine. Time, resources, and money are limited. Packing things up takes a while, you have a lot to organize, and typically have to transition in a short time frame. What a hassle!

But there’s a secret that can help relieve a lot of the stress involved. How so? Well, this time around I’m going to take a different approach, and explain how a mobile pod can help me with my own move!

The benefits for one

Who am I? That’s not too important. Doug James, the author of the blogs you typically read for

When you think portable storage pods and units for excess inventory, you likely think of housing items. Clutter or extra itineraries are a natural component of renting and homeownership. But, there’s an added benefit to mobile storage pods: they can help a business.

This time, we’re talking about the construction industry, especially if you’re a private contractor or locally owned enterprise. Mobile pods provide a whole host of positives which can save you time, labor, and money. Some of those benefits are. . .

1 – Convenience

Depending on where the job is, having supplies transported to you in an ergonomic, organized pod

There’s more to a spring season than stuffy noses and clouds of pollen. Spring is a pleasant time of year – arguably with some of the best weather conditions and temperatures. Days are longer, intermixed with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Animals come flocking home and there’s a general pleasantness in the air, for good reason. That means, if you’re planning a move, you’ve got some hardy advantages, especially if you’re trying to sell a property.

As mentioned, weather is a big factor. If you’ve tried to move during the winter or summer, you’re familiar with unpleasant conditions, to say

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