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Spring gardening with mobile pods!

Gardening is a surprisingly engaging hobby when spring rolls around. It requires planning and commitment, but can yield the amazing reward of growing your very own plants. What’s better than a box of flowers you raised from a seed, or even your very own spice and vegetables? Whether it’s a small scope project or large one, anyone can garden as long as they have space, time, and sunshine.

You can even “expand” your gardening plans with mobile storage pods, and we’ll show you how!

Mobile pods and gardening

Ideal for larger scale projects, the idea with a mobile pod

More ideas for a spring DIY project!

Spring doesn’t just bring warm weather in sunshine (in certain parts of the United States, at least). It’s also a great time to spread those creative wings and fly! For spring, many people like to try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, since the weather is so fitting and welcoming. We recently talked about a few ideas you can try for these said projects, but we also want to help by offering tips on how best to approach them.

Step 1: Set a budget

Most of the time, DIY projects are cost effective and cheap. In

Top Hints for a Fast Move

It’s no secret moving is a stressful, time consuming task. But, what if you’re short on the latter? It certainly doesn’t help and turns a move into a mountainous task. Moving a home in a week (or less) looks and feels impossible, daunting in scope. However, it can be done, and we’ve got a few tips to help you make a successful transition.

First off, a few things to consider. One: will you use moving services? If you do, we recommend mobile storage pods if they’re in your service area. If you’re planning a solo act,

Freshen up your home with spring cleaning and mobile pods

Spring cleaning might sound like a boring chore, but it can be a great time to declutter and organize. Yes, there’s some labor involved, but the key is to approach it an organized fashion. What helps with this, you ask? Mobile storage pods, of course! We’ll give you some great tips on making your spring cleaning season an easy one!

But why bother going through all the trouble, anyway?

It’s good for your health

Indeed, decluttering isn’t just for show. It’s actually great for your mental health, too! Organized and clean environments have

Need to move? Mobilize with mobile storage units!

Moving can be a stressful ordeal indeed. With time to manage and days to plan, getting yourself from one location to another is no simple task. One of the biggest hurdles, too, is getting your things from point A to B. Doesn’t it involve a lot of lifting, rental trucks, and time management? You can feel the stress already building.

But good news! It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, moving can be a total breeze if you take advantage of mobile storage pods. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how.

Mobile pods and helping

Spring cleaning and your business made easy with mobile storage pods

Spring cleaning is an important time for everyone, especially your business. Removing old inventory and decluttering are not just good for business, it’s inviting to customers. Plus, it makes work day tasks easier. As you can imagine, getting things done is a lot harder with clutter building up. And if your storage is overloaded, everything is harder to do.

Spring cleaning is also great for safety and health reasons. Too much build up of debris and clutter can invite hiding places for pests, and no one wants excessive dust on products.

Amp Up Your Party for the Big Game

It’s that time again and one of the biggest sporting events in the United States is right around the corner. For many, this exciting night is filled with cheers or tears. Others plan get-togethers to really make the event extra exciting. If you’re looking to throw a super-bowl party, or, just have friends and family over, here’s a six tips to help you get ready and keep things focused on the game.

1 – Know Who’s Coming

You should have a general idea about how many guests are expected to show up, especially if you’re

Holiday Cleanup Made Easy

People love the holidays, there’s no getting around that. Christmas time is one of cheer (usually) and togetherness (hopefully), but it’s also filled to the brim with gift giving. And while imagining the smiles of loved ones is great as they unwrap that long awaited present, you might be forgetting something. . . cleanup. 

That’s right, once the wrapping comes off, you’ve got a whopper of a situation to deal with. Not to mention, decorations. Sure your living space comes to life, but if you set out a lot, you have to clean up a lot. After all’s

How to Hide Presents

Mobile Attic isn’t just about storage units, we’re also wired straight to Santa! In other words, we know a thing or two about stowing away Christmas gifts. Yes, nothing says “holiday season” than by folks seeking out their presents for the big day, so hiding his half the fun (usually). Here’s a few ideas to keep those wrapped surprises safe until Christmas morning.

1 – Hard to Reach Places

For a fool-proof solution, find spots that are essentially inaccessible by kids. Do you have an attic? Perfect, that takes care of half the battle. Unless, of course, they’re

Unique Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

We’re over halfway through December, Christmas is next week, and uh oh, you’re sweating the expenses. Worse, you don’t have many ideas this season for gifts. How is that possible, you wonder, shouldn’t you know? Well, the problem is lots of “nice” things are often quite expensive, like electronics, and right after the Thanksgiving holiday you might be low on cash. What’s worse, too, is getting something nice and only to have it forgotten about a couple weeks later.

But there’s something you can do this season for your loved ones to not only solve the gift problem,

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