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Holiday storage woes? No problem!

Autumn and winter are arguably some of the most decorated times of year in the United States. Just about anywhere you go, front lawns and businesses are spicing up their exteriors to fit the season. In fall, that includes general seasonal décor, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. But, Halloween especially! Creativity is abound with all the spooky goodness you’ll find, from lights to tombstones to fake webs.

But, even though it’s fun to do, it’s also like cooking: get everything together and prep your ingredients for a few hours, toss out the food, and enjoy. And then. .

5 Tips for Autumn Moves

A move happens when it does. Despite its importance, however, weather is pretty indifferent to the struggle. Fall is particularly cantankerous when it comes to a huge life change, where sunny days are replaced by overcast and rain.

If you’re moving around the autumn days, chances are you should have a successful one. But, fall does bring its own challenges. Colder weather can invite all sorts of hazards depending on where you live. To help, I’ve got a quick tip list to keep you safe during a major transition.

1 – Check out Movers

One positive aspect to fall

Rev Up Your Tailgate with Portable Storage

Football season is in full swing, and with it comes autumn games and weekend ventures. For some, though, it’s all about putting on the best tailgate to support their team (or have an excuse to get together with friends). While the usual tailgate involves cars, you can think outside the box – literally – by taking advantage of mobile pods.

That might not sound like the intended use for a storage unit, but if you get a little creative, they can be used for football events too. The key is to take advantage of

Make your autumn move easy with mobile storage pods

As autumn approaches, many are readying for a major life transition via move. Fall is a decent time of the year to find a new home, and typically when new lease agreements start for both apartment and homeowners. Depending on your location, it’s easier as well, since conditions make for a less hectic buyer’s market. 

But whatever your reason, and no matter the season, a move is a move. They’re rife with complications and struggles, so that’s why taking advantage of a mobile storage pod can make this transition easier. Even more

Mobile Pods and Halloween Ideas

We recently touched on the benefits of mobile storage pods for autumn themes. But aside from helping you organize your decorations in an accessible manner, did you know that pods can be used for Halloween and autumn fun too? It’s true, it just takes thinking a little outside the box!

All you need is time and space and time to organize. But if you’re still not sure, we’ll give you some pointers and ideas about what a mobile pod can do for you!

Halloween organization and decoration fun

If you haven’t already guessed, here’s the breakdown: mobile pods

Preparing for a Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage units provide a lot of convenience and accessibility. You can access them from virtually anywhere. They can be delivered to and from certain locations by transfer teams and it’s an excellent way to overcome obstacles normally encountered with traditional storage, such as travel time. Of course, to make the best use of a portable storage unit, you’ll want to plan ahead. It might sound unnecessary but think of this way: try to move with no planning or packing and imagine how hectic that can be.

Storage units are mobile containers, so keep this

Mobile Units and Household Projects

When you think about mobile storage units, you probably only consider them for things like moving and storage. You know, like the name implies. But the thing is, mobile pods have some surprising uses too, namely for projects! What kind? We’ve talked about using mobile pods for landscape projects. But, you can even utilize them for modifying your living space too. The trick, you see, is just that: space. More specifically, making the most of it. So how can you do that with mobile storage units? We’ll tell you with a few tips!

Better for Seasonal Organization


Downsizing with Mobile Storage: Tips for You

If you are moving into a smaller space, now’s the time to take advantage of Mobile Attic’s helpful tips. A downsize move occurs for different reasons, and just like any transition, it’s good to know a few things ahead of time. And, if you’re concerned about space for moving, don’t forget about the advantages mobile storage units bring.

Let’s go over some quick tips to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

Toss that clutter!

Your move into a smaller space could be for a variety of reasons. A large home is too hard to manage.

Celebrating the Season Change with Mobile Storage
Summer is coming to an end. The changing of seasons always is an exciting time. This year may be even more so.

Would you believe mobile pods can add a whole new dynamic to your late September activities? It’s true. It just takes a little thinking outside the box, or in this case, the pod. Not sure how? Here’s a few scenarios mobile pods help make possible.

Scenario #1: Family Get-Together

After a year of precautions, friends and family are able to see each other again. Most celebrate with big get-togethers, and mobile pods are ready to

Using Mobile Pods for an Apartment Move

At Mobile Attic we talk about moving a lot, and for good reason! Our business is convenient storage and transportation. But often it’s related to businesses or home spaces (like houses). Fact of the matter is, not everyone has the luxury of owning or paying into an expensive home. Apartments are more common, and all the moving stress that comes along with them.

But as always, we’ve put together some home-grown tips for apartment moving. You can also take advantage of a mobile pod for a move depending on your destination!

Tip 1: Know your

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