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Feeling waterlogged? That’s normal during the summertime if you’re in a state or area which suffers from intense heat. As temperature and pressure changes, big storms are common. Aside from preventing the usual hazards such as damage from heavy winds or lighting, there are some other issues too.

If you’re planning or moving or hoping to travel, the last thing you need is deluged roads or delays caused by intense rain. Sometimes, though, it’s unavoidable. If you’ve got to make a transition through a storm or rainy day, we’ve tossed together some tips to help you on your journey. 

1 – Keep

Spartanburg is no doubt a beautiful location, filled with amazing parks and breathtaking vistas of nature. History and culture are rich here, and it’s one of the reasons Mobile Attic is proud to make one of its homes in this location. But we didn’t just set up shop because, like you, we were in wanderlust with the area. We did it because we wanted to provide convenient storage options for those who might need them.

When you hear portable storage, you might think it’s only for one purpose, like moving. But that’s not true! Pod moving storage is useful for all

Summer’s getting closer, and with it, hotter weather, unpredictable storms, and increased humidity as well as long days, plenty of sunshine, and hopefully some time off. But, during this season, you might have a move planned, or, you’ve got some inventory to put in storage. With everything, a good plan determines success, so, we’ve got a few tips to help your seasonal transitions a little easier.

1 – Prep for the Sun

First off, don’t count out the sun. Unless you routinely get out in the sunshine on a regular basis, say, longer than an hour every day, there’s a

We at Mobile Attic have a lot of affection for our state, from its rich history to scenic nature views. That’s why we encourage you to visit Greenville, a beautiful region often overlooked because of its more popular counterpart, Charleston. But don’t miss out! Greenville is full of luscious environments and stunning flora, a place to get in touch with nature and the arts. If you need some suggestions, however, here’s a cheat sheet to help.

County Museum of Art

History is a massive part of South Carolina, and Greenville is no stranger to it either. So, start your exploration by

Nothing says a great day like some time at the beach, and if you live in the Charleston area, you know this all too well. But, if you’re a newcomer to the historic city, or passing by as a visitor, we encourage you to check out at least one of our beautiful beaches. Each is geared for specific things and anyone can find something to do (if nothing else, soaking in sun and gorgeous scenery). We’ll list some of our favorites, and hope you have the chance to visit them!

Edisto Beach

Need some respite from the noise and celebration of

So, you’ve made the big decision to move – and luck you! You’ve chosen one of the loveliest cities on the near the eastern coast: Charleston, SC. A temperate, history-rich city welcomes all new neighbors with open arms. But of course, before any major move (or maybe you’re still considering) there are always some things to learn. These interesting tidbits will give you an idea of what to expect in your new home city!

1 – Rich With History

Charleston has been around since the Civil War and has existed for over three hundred years. That means it’s got a lot of

Charleston is a charming, historical city drawing national attention for its beautiful weather, scenic beaches, and economic growth. One of the oldest cities in America, there’s no shortage of culture, good food, and friendly people. If you’re thinking of moving to Charleston, or just want to visit, there is great news! The city has no shortage of things to do – especially events. We at Mobile Attic want you to feel welcome in our coastal southern home, so, here’s a handful of amazing events to check out if you’re stopping by!

Professional Sports
Got a feel for sports, especially tennis? The Family

There’s more to a spring season than stuffy noses and clouds of pollen. Spring is a pleasant time of year – arguably with some of the best weather conditions and temperatures. Days are longer, intermixed with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Animals come flocking home and there’s general pleasantness in the air, for good reason. That means, if you’re planning a move, you’ve got some hardy advantages, especially if you’re trying to sell a property.

As mentioned, the weather is a big factor. If you’ve tried to move during the winter or summer, you’re familiar with unpleasant conditions, to say

When you prepare for a move, half the “fun” is packing everything. But, during the process, you might’ve forgotten about a subtle detail involved in storing items: the packaging material. That is to say, what containers you use, where you put them, and what you protect your items with. For instance, you wouldn’t want fragile material clanking together and potentially breaking, right? What would you use to solve this? Packing foam is a traditional response, but, not the only option.

If you’re getting ready for a move but don’t have enough protective materials, or, just want some clever alternatives,

Portable storage units provide a lot of convenience and accessibility. You can access them from virtually anywhere, they can be delivered to and from certain locations by transfer teams, and it’s an excellent way to overcome obstacles normally encountered with traditional storage, such as travel time. Of course, to make the best use of a portable storage unit, you’ll want to plan ahead. It might sound unnecessary but think of this way: try to move with no planning or packing and imagine how hectic that can be.

Storage units are mobile containers, so keep this in mind. Additionally, there are a

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