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Mobile Storage Pods for Moving: What to Know

Moving is no doubt a stressful ordeal that we all eventually go through. No matter if you’re a business setting up shop, a person getting into an apartment, or even transitioning to a brand-new location, there are so many factors to consider. Stressful as it is though, it’s entirely manageable.

We have a variety of hints available for good movie, and this time around we’ll talk about the advantages offered when using mobile moving pods.

How mobile pods help your move

How handy would it be to have a garage you could move anywhere? Or

Secure Lots for your Mobile Storage

A major concern for anyone regarding personal property is security. Whether as a business or home owner, it’s understandable to be weary of theft and damage. Valuable items that aren’t secured can sometimes risk theft. In other cases, unsecured inventory could be damaged based on various factors, like weather conditions or pests. Even ignoring those factors, peace of mind is still well worth having your belongings in a secure area.

That’s the advantage of mobile pods and something they bring to the table: control and security, on top of the typical benefits you possess with

Throw a Summer Party with Mobile Pods

Ready to enjoy your summer again? With the release of vaccinations and tentative return to normalcy, many are looking forward to some outside time again this upcoming summer. While staying safe is still a priority, it’s safe to say enough people have taken appropriate precautions to go outside again. And how best to celebrate? With a summer party with the family and friends, of course! But did you know you can enhance a season celebration even more with the implementation of mobile pods? It’s true! And we’ll tell you how. 

The event that arrives

Time to move again? Take advantage with a mobile pod!

Granted, things aren’t quite the same, but many are getting back to a sense of normalcy and routine and taking steps to the life we had pre-pandemic. That means some are commencing with plans, and some of those plans include moving. We’ve talked routinely about the stress of moving and all the hurdles it involves, but like we emphasize at Mobile Attic, you’ve got a secret strategy: mobile storage pods!

By now, you have a grasp on the advantages offered with mobile storage pods. But if not, here’s a quick rundown.

Vacation, trips, and summer fun in South Carolina

If you want to plan a summer trip this year to South Carolina, then Mobile Attic is excited to welcome you. This beautiful state offers a wide variety of things to do and sights to see, from forest parks to the beauty of the coast. Everything from rustic charm to contemporary entertainment can be found here. But, if you’re curious about a few things you can do, we have a quick cheat sheet to give you some basic ideas.

Check out the ocean sights!

It’s a no brainer, but worth pointing out. South Carolina hosts

Moving in the heat with a mobile pod? Try this!

Moving is a life changing experience, but it poses plenty of challenges. Time is one of them, and depending on when you move can make a big difference. For instance, what if you’re planning a move during the summer? Depending on where you live, it can provide different living options. At the same time, heat and weather conditions pose their own hurdles.

This year, if you’re taking advantage of a mobile pod, we have suggestions to stay both efficient and cool.

Summer and hot weather moving tips

Remember to hydrate

We’ll start with the obvious,

Moving Between Homes? Use a Mobile Pod to Help

Projects and moving between homes are both major ordeals, requiring time, planning, and capital. It’s already stressful when you have to shift supplies and inventory from one location to another. Between homes, along with belongings? Much more complex and the stress can feel overwhelming.

But worry not, you’ve got a secret advantage at your disposal: mobile pods! Mobile pods are an accessible, cost-conscious alternative to typical storage options. They account for transportation, security, and cost, while taking out hassle when working on large moving projects.

Let’s examine, however, a few specific ways in

Empower your next home DIY project with mobile pods

A do-it-yourself project is a great way to revitalize a living space. Depending on what you want, it can be a simple or complex affair. No matter the goal, though, DIY projects need planning and organization. For some, this is enough to push them away from the idea. But there’s good news: you have a secret weapon at your disposal. Mobile pods, in fact, make for a great additional space and add a whole new level of organization. For some, this is everything they need to make a DIY idea go smoothly.


Get Ready for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms with Mobile Pods

Storm surges are common around the coast. If you live in proximity to the ocean, we don’t have to tell you the danger tropical storms bring, especially hurricanes. Staying safe is a top priority, of course, but protecting personal property is imperative too. Without some form of prep or protection, serious damage can occur belongings, living spaces, and businesses. 

Some prep for hurricanes and seasonal storms by boarding windows and packing things in waterproof material. But did you know you can also utilize mobile storage pods to protect your belongings? When

Humidity Controlled Portable Storage Units at Mobile Attic! What?

Does Mobile Attic offer Humidity Controlled Units?

Mobile Attic Portable Self Storage of Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, and Charleston South Carolina has introduced the first ever humidity controlled portable storage units! This groundbreaking new advancement now allows for the company’s units to be protected from the harsh humid seasons of South Carolina weather. 

Where Can Humidity Controlled Units Be Stored?

At The Mobile Attic we are officially introducing our new humidity controlled units, which are now offered per customer’s request and can be stored on-site at a customers home or business. These modified units allow

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