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Some people like to move homes when they feel the timing is right. There are others that prefer to take a more calculated approach to the moving process. It’s for those people that we at The Mobile Attic created a guide to The Four Seasons of Moving. In this guide, we will go over what makes each season unique and what parts of the moving process is best to enact within them. It’s safe to say moving in the winter is a different experience than moving in the summer, besides the temperature change!


During winter months, many people are dis-incentivized

Nothing is quite as stressful as a move, no matter its scope. Time is a factor along with everything that needs to be put away safely for an upcoming transition, and it’s easier said than done. Often, individuals and families are given a limited window to pack, either due to job constraints or other factors. Unfortunately, despite the difficulty we face during a move, not much flexibility is provided.

It doesn’t mean you have to struggle, however. There are great solutions and time savers for moves. Like what, you ask? Mobile pods, of course.

Why mobile pods for moving?

Space is the primary

There’s no end to the host of challenges a company faces, ranging from customer satisfaction to keeping the bottom line satisfied. In that congress of details and numbers, one factor can easily get overlooked until it’s too late: storage. Or, that is to say, a lack of. Space is easy to take for granted but imperils a business once it’s gone, making daily operations harder (and more dangerous).

But not all companies are in a position to physically expand or set up new locations. And, with COVID-19 creating additional pressure, even more so. But, that doesn’t mean said enterprise is without

Moving can be quite a scary thing for most people. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to fear that you might leave some valuable thing behind or that you had some unfinished business that you forgot to take care of in the place you are moving from.  Fears regarding how your new life will compare to your old one and how your kids(if you have them) will react to the big change are quite common as well. There are just so many uncertainties when it comes to moving.  Another nerve racking fear that many people have about moving

Fear. Amidst these tumultuous times, it is an emotion that every one of us is experiencing in our own unique ways. And we at The Mobile Attic Moving and Storage understand what many of you are going through currently because we too are experiencing it. We are living in very scary times and we want to assure you that we will always be on your side.

Whether it be a lost job, an abandoned home, or God forbid, a lost life, this pandemic has ripped us all apart. But we want you to know that even in the times where

What a year 2020 proved itself to be! It was a chaotic, challenging time for many. With the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world stage, it’s proven difficult to take time off or go about normal routines without worrying. But, things are always looking up with a new year, as a new year means potentially better days.

COVID-19 or not, we all take this time to get some perspective, appreciate what we have, spend time with loved ones, and prep our New Year’s resolutions.

Mobile Attic’s Tips for Resolutions

There’s all sorts of ways to go about a resolution for the new year. The

Now that the holiday season has officially wrapped up, there comes a task no one looks forward to: cleanup. From wrapping paper to stowing away decorations, the aftermath of celebrating is rarely a fun experience. Wrapping paper, extra boxes, and holiday ornaments are all part of the cleaning process, and even with help, it can take a long time.

That’s because post-holiday waste builds up fast and creates a lot of clutter. From new gifts to sort through and all the debris, suddenly, you’ve got hills of trash to get rid of, on top of organizing everything else.

Sounds dreadful, right? Well

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. It feels as if every moment something new comes out of the shadows and takes us by surprise. 2020 has been a year where nothing is really surprising anymore. Stories that would have garnered national attention a little more than a year ago are now being overshadowed by even bigger stories, events, and catastrophes that continue to pile upon one another. 

2020 has been a year of uncertainty with many people tending to fear their next day of life, rather than being excited for it. But at The Mobile Attic Moving and

As 2020 winds down, many are looking to make their end-of-year visits to friends and family. Minding safe guidelines, it can be a pleasant – though busy – seasonal event. No doubt with holiday shopping, decorating, and mailing barely in the rearview mirror you’re up to your ears in things to worry about. In fact, if you do plan a big trip, what about things at home?

Not to worry, because mobile storage pods are a great way to put your holiday travel concerns at rest. If you’ve read anything about Mobile Attic and our services, no doubt you already have

Even at the best of times, Santa needs a little extra help. The holidays are a great time of year to celebrate things with friends and family, but, there’s plenty of stress involved. Beyond the complications of safely planning events and holiday shopping, the nature of storing supplies and gifts is a problem most don’t consider until it’s time to pack.

Certainly, holiday decorations bring out beautiful holiday scenes, but there’s a lot to unpack). Making loved ones happy with Christmas gifts is also a seasonal high note, but sometimes there isn’t a safe place to stow things away. Never mind

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