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When thinking about moving and storage, it’s natural to evaluate the options. Sometimes you need storage for a move, or, you require storage for long term options. So where do storage pods come into this? Are they right for you? At Mobile Attic, we strive to deliver the best in service, so we want to take you through a few reasons you may want to consider storage pods, whatever your needs are.

1 – You Need External Business Storage

It’s normal for a business to encounter inventory issues, especially if they’re not part of a chain. Often, holidays create increased demand for

We all want our home environment to be as comfortable as possible. But one thing easily standing in the way of said comforts of space, or specifically, lack of. Whether it’s because you’re running out, clutter is building up, or you’re experiencing difficulty in organizing belongings, things can get cluttered fast. If you don’t have a basement or attic as part of your residential, things get complicated.

No doubt, you likely think of storage solutions. Those solutions, though, present challenges. They’re potentially far away, you only have access to one unit, and you have to transfer your belongings to them. That

Spring, the great time of year where the cold finally recedes and the world comes to life. The weather clears, flowers blossom, and then comes pollen. So, so much pollen. While you’re out enjoying the sunlight (and congestion) though, there’s one thing you probably aren’t looking forward to: spring cleaning. Over the course of the cold season we tend to stay inside and build clutter here and there. Dust cakes, boxes build up, and before you know it, the basement is looking mighty crowded.

So, the realization hits you: time for spring cleaning. Oh no.

But hey, not to worry, it doesn’t

Spring is a pivotal time for any enterprise, a chance to clean up and renovate the company image with some good old-fashioned cleaning. But no doubt, with professional priorities and tasks, it’s a hurdle. Managing a deep clean with limited time and resources can make the affair a massive headache. You don’t need that with oceans of pollen, either!

Fortunately, you’ve got just the solution: mobile storage pods! That’s right, pods aren’t limited only to transportation and convenient storage, they can provide a remedy for cleaning, too. If you’re unfamiliar, Mobile Attic will provide a quick breakdown of their benefits.

Cleaning with

Mobile pods provide a host of benefits for residential and homeowners. We went to great lengths about what they can do for you in terms of additional storage. And if you’re moving, they’re even better. But the positives of storage pods don’t stop at the provisioned space.

In fact, mobile pods are great for decluttering, cleaning, and even renovation projects. As you know (and especially as spring comes around), cleaning can be a major ordeal depending on the size of your home and what you intend to do. Even surface and dusting can take a while! But, if you’re out to

A charity faces numerous challenges with minimal aid, despite their incredible role in society. As a charitable organization you’re running on goodwill and profit isn’t typically the goal, only the well being of people, animals, nature, or even art! That comes with an assortment of difficulties, though, of which you’re no doubt familiar as a person working charity.

Space is one of them. It’s a problem you don’t always consider outright until you run out of it. But fortunately, there are options for these scenarios in form of a mobile pod. Storage units give you a few advantages and ways to

5 Different Moving Methodologies

Before You Move

When you feel that it’s time to move, there are a bunch of things to consider ranging from cost to location, to needed time, and so much more. At The Mobile Attic, we want your moving process to go as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 different moving methodologies that might be valuable for you. They follow 5 of the most important aspects of the moving process that every prospective mover should take into heavy consideration. 

Downsizing Or Upsizing? 

Prior to moving into your new home, one of

It’s that time of year again where you get the cleaning bug. Sprucing up the home, especially since we’re home a lot these days, is a great way to feel more organized. From removing clutter to finding things you lost, sometimes organization is all you need. Mobile Attic knows the importance of a pleasant, enclosed space, so we’ll help you start right this year with some essential tips.

Step One: Room by room

Whether apartment, housing, or business, never think of cleaning as a “do it all at once” kind of project. That’s a good way to tire yourself out. Instead, focus

We’re in part two of our “cleaning tips” article lineup. In our first one, Mobile Attic handed out some basic tips to help your cleaning journey go easier. Remember, tackle it in bits and take personal safety into account if there’s heavy lifting involved.

Now, we can show you how a mobile pod helps the cleaning process. If you’ve got larger spaces to handle, you’d be surprised what a convenient storage unit can offer.

Benefit 1: Organization space

With any cleaning project, things need to be moved around to access harder-to-reach places. Or, moving objects creates clutter, debris, and additional messes. Those cluttering

Cleaning is an important component to any successful enterprise. A clean environment cuts down on clutter, promotes a better brand image, makes interiors safer, and of course, is more pleasant to look for customers/staff. Of course, cleaning can take time and arrives with various hassles. For instance, when you’re cleaning at home, you likely need to take things off surfaces or out of rooms to get every corner and space, which ironically creates more clutter. How do you prevent this on a commercial level – in other words, for businesses with larger buildings and offices?

Mobile pods provide an indirect solution

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