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Among the things you have to figure out when moving to a new home is space. Do you have enough for all your things? Is the location smaller? If yes, then you might run into a problem you hadn’t previously considered: not enough storage to put your things.

This isn’t a fun scenario to be in, especially after a big move. So, how do you prevent it? What do you do if you’re short on options? Mobile Attic has a few suggestions to help.

Consider Mobile Storage

Mobile storage options such as pods offered by Mobile Attic are one of the easiest solutions

Mobile Attic is committed to providing you a safe moving experience, and we’d like to share some information on how to move heavy objects during a move. In an ideal scenario, heavy furniture is managed by a moving team or multiple people. But, in the circumstances this isn’t an option, you must practice personal safety at all times. 

Get a friend or family member to assist you when moving heavy inventory, and never move something that could potentially cause you individual harm. With that said, keep the following in mind:

1 – Legs, not back

It bears worth repeating, always lift with your

We love our furry friends and want them to be as happy as possible, but a move is a big stress factor for your pets. Cats and dogs are especially sensitive to new environments, and just like you have to get used to your new surroundings, so do they. No transition is easy, and all pets will react in their own way. However, there’s a few things you can do to make the move streamlined and as stress free as possible.

There are also tips for moving smaller animals and fish, but for now, we’ll focus on common pets such as

Storage is an important but sometimes overlooked of organization. Only when we’re out of space and overwhelmed by clutter do we think “it would be nice to have more places to put extra stuff.” Some solve this with rented storage units, but not everyone has access to them. Or, those options are so far off it’s impractical to use them. What can you do? Try the next best thing: mobile pods!

Mobile pods function the same as a storage unit, but as you can imagine, have a better tradeoff: they can come directly to you. It sounds as convenient as it

Finding a new home and transitioning out of an apartment is a great life step. But, like with any move, it brings its own complications and challenges. One of them relates to fees – that is to say those nagging bills left over from potential charges. This happens when a landlord or leasing agency inspects the apartment for things like damage, and when discovered, fees are typically assessed.

Nothing’s more stressful than getting a handful of bills right after a move, especially when some are costly. Mobile Attic has a few tips to help you cover your tracks and keep your

Getting ready for one of the biggest games of the year? Well, no Super Bowl party is complete without snacks to accompany it. For some, range from simple chip and dip to more elaborate takes on eats when watching the game, and Mobile Attic has a few ideas to hopefully inspire some unique concepts when it comes to chowing down.

1 – Mixed Nuts and Pretzels

You can grab an arrangement of lightly salted pretzels mixed with your favorite nuts. Put them in the oven on low heat for a few minutes to bake and you’ve got an easy dish ready to

It’s that time again and one of the biggest sporting events in the United States is right around the corner. For many, this exciting night is filled with cheers or tears. Others plan get-togethers to really make the event extra exciting. If you’re looking to throw a super-bowl party, or, just have friends and family over, here’s a few tips to help you get ready and keep things focused on the game.

1 – Know Who’s Coming

You should have a general idea about how many guests are expected to show up, especially if you’re serving food or planning a big event.

Moves are already an ordeal with their own various complications. The more distance you need to travel, the more things you must take into account – and often, the pricier it is. You can imagine the headache, then, of moving across state. 

Mobile Attic is committed to making your moves easier. So, we’ve assembled some tips to help you with your large move. 

Step 1: Plan Ahead

The best thing to do before any major move is to plan it out. This should cover everything you can think of and consider important. Location, time of arrival, estimated costs of travel (such as moving

When it’s cold, we beat the season by wrapping ourselves in warm clothing and turning on the heat. But for the things in your living space, it’s a different story. When the temperature drops, items are also affected by colder weather, and often for the worst, which means you need to not only keep yourself warm, but your belongings too. This is especially the case for electronics or other sensitive equipment. To help, Mobile Attic has a few solutions for proper storage in cold weather.

1 – Avoid Windows and Openings

Wherever cold air can leak into your business or home are

Are you considering external storage options to free up space at your home or business? If so, you’re likely thinking about security, too. How do you keep things safe from weather, pests, and theft? Unlike traditional storage options, where you store items – such as in a pod – will vary. If it’s not at a secure location, then there’s a range of factors to consider. Mobile Attic has a few tips for maintaining secure external storage.

1 – Select a Secure Site

If available, the fastest way to ensure good storage security is by selecting a site that has installed security

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