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Mobile Attic isn’t just about storage units, we’re also wired straight to Santa! In other words, we know a thing or two about stowing away Christmas gifts. Yes, nothing says “holiday season” than by folks seeking out their presents for the big day, so hiding his half the fun (usually). Here’s a few ideas to keep those wrapped surprises safe until Christmas morning.

1 – Hard to Reach Places

For a fool-proof solution, find spots that are essentially inaccessible by kids. Do you have an attic? Perfect, that takes care of half the battle. Unless, of course, they’re clever enough to find

Organizing your personal property into safe containers is a task in itself, but it gets complicated when you throw weather into the mix. Colder temperatures provide a range of challenges, and depending on what you’re storing away, can cause unintended damage. So, Mobile Attic has a few storage tips for the colder seasons!

What you store will decide the method, but, you can’t go wrong with the ideas below.

1 – Insulate with Wool, Towels, or Blankets

Whatever item you’re packing (aside from electronics to avoid static) wrapping them in layers of blankets or similar – preferably wool – is a great way

December’s here and uh oh, you’re sweating the expenses. Worse, you don’t have many ideas this season for gifts. How is that possible, you wonder, shouldn’t you know? Well, the problem is lots of “nice” things are often quite expensive, like electronics, and right after the Thanksgiving holiday you might be low on cash. What’s worse, too, is getting something nice and only to have it forgotten about a couple weeks later.

But there’s something you can do this season for your loved ones to not only solve the gift problem, but make it meaningful, too. After all, who can turn

Winter is a great time of year if you love cold weather and snow. But, if you’re moving, maybe not so much. The cold creates a variety of complications when making a move, including safety hazards. Mobile Attic wants you to be safe, so we’ve compiled some tips to remember when preparing for a transition during the cold season.

1 – Keep Warm Clothes/Blankets Ready

You can’t always predict the weather, and if you’re in a circumstance of little heat, having some emergency blankets ready to go will save you a lot of trouble. Depending on the move, you might get caught

Fall is here, meaning the days are colder, rainier, and filled to the brim with deals. As you stow away spooky decor and prepare yourself for a big banquet, you might be thinking about the wallet. Naturally, as the holiday season comes with quite the price tag if you try to go big.

But did you know there’s a way to save, especially if you’ve got a little patience? If you’re willing to consider the next set of holidays, you can save big this time around, especially with off-season merchandise.

Discounts to Look For

Holiday Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth that won’t

Thanksgiving season is almost upon us, filled with all the cheer and stress the holiday brings. There’s food to prep, guests to invite, family to greet, and wine to find. Not to mention decorations and decor accompanied by clutter and mess. Sounds fun, right?

It’s in these situations looking into rental storage can be a big help. While it sounds like additional stress, what with the moving and finances, it’s a good way to take the weight off your shoulders, especially with Mobile Attic.

1 – Additional Space

Depending on how much you’ve got in terms of decoration, chances are you’ll need somewhere

Planning a big move soon? Looking for a change of scenery? Then there’s no better time than autumn. Fall is one of the best times of the year to try and find somewhere to live, especially if you’re looking to sell your home. Since Mobile Attic is constantly committed to helping your moving needs, we’ve put together a small list reasons of why moving in the fall is one of the best times to do so.

1 – Save on Rates

Around this time of year, movers are known to reduce and cut their rates since it’s not as busy during spring

Everyone loves a good night of Sunday or Monday night football. Provided their team wins, that is. Whether you’re cheering or jeering this new season, you probably have a set up to get things going. Television, friends, planned time, and especially the snacks. Though, while it’s easy to get caught up in the wings, chip, and dip strategy, if you’re looking to cut calories or just try something else altogether, we’ve got a few alternative snacks that are tasty and refreshing.

1 – Apple Slices with Dip

Not only are apples super tasty, they’re healthy too. You can cut out a few

Autumn is a great time of year if you enjoy cooler weather and rainier days. But, said days are also not so great for packages, moving material, or anything that’s not supposed to get wet. Whether you’re looking to move into a new living space or just need to store some inventory, Mobile Attic’s got you covered. We’ve got a few suggestions and ways you can keep your storage dry and clear of problems for Autumn.

1 – Plastic Containers

Plastic is a resilient material. See: it’s almost impossible to destroy, and it makes for a convenient packing option too. That is

The trifecta of festivity is upon us once again! This time of year you can expect a blitz of holiday themed commercials, events, and get togethers as 2019 draws to an end. With so much to do in a small span of time, you probably feel your pennies getting pinched. Whether it’s grabbing decorations, stocking on food, or getting ready for the big December holidays, you might feel the cash burn.

But, you don’t have to spend money to have fun in Autumn! In fact, there are ways to make it extra special. Here’s a few ideas that won’t have you