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Whether you’re moving into a new location for the autumn season or continuing to enjoy your new home, it’s always a good idea to do some sprucing up. Just like spring cleaning, Fall is a good time to keep things orderly. Even more so, because you’ll probably be indoors more often thanks to the colder weather.

Here’s a few things you can do to enjoy the indoors for autumn.

Organize Your Decor

If you’re decorating for the fall season, chances are you have various ornaments and objects. Over time though that builds up clutter. To reduce this, we recommend having a box or tub

As Fall embraces us with its chilly days, you likely feel the spirit of decorating overtaking you. That’s normal, autumn is an aesthetically pleasing time of year with a variety of eye-catching colors. For October and November, you can change the look of your living space. But, perhaps this year you want to try something a little different. Just as Mobile Attic helps you with your move, we’ve also got some Fall moving tips too.

Gourds and Vegetables

Often, it’s pumpkins, gourds, and maize that are an iconic part of the autumn season, generally because they’re associated with Thanksgiving (and are harvested

As another scorching summer passes us by, it’s time to prepare for fall. Days are colder, greyer, and wetter. The sun goes away at earlier times and the leaves turn. It’s peaceful for some, dreary for others. But one fact is the same: things get colder.

As you face down another fall season, you might wonder about staying warm without maxing out the heat bill. 

1 – Use Your Ceiling Fan

That’s right, that multi bladed flan in your ceiling isn’t just for show, and not just for cooling. Normally, warm air remains in your room and home, rising to the top. A

It’s that time of year again where the trifecta of season holidays is upon us. This means, as a business, there’s lots of seasonal inventory to sell and eventually rotate. But it’s a task easier said than done, what with so many things needing stocking and placing. 

Fortunately, Mobile Attic isn’t just a company focused on residential moves. We also happily assist businesses and companies with their inventory. Here’s a few ways we can help you during the Halloween season – before and after.

1 – Mobile Storage

This wouldn’t be much of a mobile pod if we couldn’t get to and from

Flu and colds in colder weather – the unpleasant reality of autumn. As we prepare for chillier days and turning leaves, some find themselves prepping for a big move too. Unfortunately, cold weather doesn’t only make for challenging transitions. Autumn is also commonly associated with colds and flus, a miserable sickness which makes any move downright nightmarish, if not impossible. But, Mobile Attic has a few tips to keep yourself healthy during the autumn season. 

1 – Get Those Vitamins

Vitamin C, D, and others are essential for not only good nutrition but keeping sickness at bay. Vitamin C also stimulates the

Everyone has their ideal moving time, and some prefer to do it during fall. Others don’t have the same luxury and move when it’s thrust upon. Regardless of your reasons, if you’re transitioning to a new home in the autumn season, Mobile Attic has a few tips for you to make it that much easier.

1 – Wear Appropriate Clothing

Depending on where you live, autumn can hit hard with colder temperatures. So, it’s important to dress for the occasion. This means warm clothes, gloves, and everything you’ll need to stay comfortable when transporting boxes or the like. It’s easy to get

If you’re in the robust, lively area of Charleston, you might be considering a move. As the area develops, you’re in no shortage of choices, but perhaps lacking the means to get around. In other words, transporting your stuff from point A to B is a big hassle, and you might not have anyone to help. But hey, not to worry! Pods storage is a useful solution for people who need an answer to their packing problem.

You’ve probably heard of this before: storage pods and/or mobile storage solutions. They’re essentially the same and function the same. But, even though they

Mobile storage pods are a unique answer to the problem “where do I put my things.” Generally, before the use of a pod, a person needing extra space had to rely on traditional methods for their storage solutions. Generally, this meant renting out space to put their inventory in. People still use them today, of course, but it’s not always an ideal answer to their space issues.

Mobile pods for the Greenville, SC area were issued to address problems like these. The question is, what are the advantages of a mobile pod over typical storage? While both have their positives, there

When thinking about moving and storage, it’s natural to evaluate the options. Sometimes you need storage for a move, or, you require storage for long term options. So where do storage pods come into this? Are they right for you? At Mobile Attic, we strive to deliver the best in service, so we want to take you through a few reasons you may want to consider storage pods, whatever your needs are.

1 – You Need External Business Storage

It’s normal for a business to encounter inventory issues, especially if they’re not part of a chain. Often, holidays create increased demand for

Congrats, you’re in the Greenville area and you’ve decided to make a move! A home transition is a big deal and no doubt there’s lots to be done. The journey is just beginning, so why not take advantage of every resource you have? If you’ve decided to utilize portable storage pods for moving, great! They’ll make the trip that much easier as you settle into your new home.

If you’re moving, you probably know the essentials. But when using pods for moving, you might have some questions. Not to worry, we’ve got a few tips to get you prepared! We also

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