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Businesses and holiday storage: how mobile pods save the day

by Dec 17, 2020

The holidays are a big event for businesses, big and small. With the final three months of the year, companies look to sell themed inventory and rake in a tidy profit. But, with COVID-19 and the general complications of time and clutter, there is always a challenge associated with the final months.

If you’re a business sweating even the cold December month, you’ll find relief knowing that mobile storage pods are here to help. 

So, what can mobile pods do for you during the busy holiday season?

Benefits from storage

There are several ways mobile pods can help your business, especially for the final holiday months.

Additional Space

Not surprising, but mobile pods work as additional storage containers. Each container comes in different sizes, typically suited to your needs and financial resources. This means you’ll have enough space for holiday inventory, should you have excess.


Given the need to rotate inventory for holiday events and items, using a pod for organization is a huge plus. Pods will provide a temporary storing space while your business modifies its interior for the related holiday, whether that’s stocking new inventory or making other adjustments.

Additional Security

If you are concerned about keeping property secure, a pod is the perfect answer. Mobile pods are made of stainless-steel construction that protects them from the environment. Additionally, each can be secured with locks or other security systems to keep the stored inventory safe.

Also, because they’re mobile pods, they can be placed in secure areas, such as within fenced locations for one extra security measure. No matter what, though, if you’re worried about safety, pods will put your mind at ease.

Cost Saver

With the time and investment needed for acquiring inventory, decorating, and all other holiday related events, you are no doubt looking to reduce costs as much as possible.

Pods are great for this as they reduce the need to travel, for instance. Professional teams can take pods to a designated location, inventory included. So, instead of relying on rental trucks or other transportation, you can haul holiday items in a pod, worry free.

You can also reduce labor hours associated with stocking new inventory, since a pod can be placed next to a location for convenient access. Additionally, any other labor associated with the holiday – such as trash, rotating supplies, decorations, and more – is reduced with the pod’s nearby convenience.

Finally, using pods allows you to reduce exposure to others and practice social distancing. Given the holidays will see a surge in COVID cases due to increased time indoors, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, if you’re concerned with storage, organization, and/or holiday issues, look to a mobile pod for help.

You can learn more about mobile pod solutions and what they can do for you by contacting Mobile Attic today.