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Celebrating the Season Change with Mobile Storage

by Sep 21, 2021

Celebrating the Season Change with Mobile Storage

Summer is coming to an end. The changing of seasons always is an exciting time. This year may be even more so.

Would you believe mobile pods can add a whole new dynamic to your late September activities? It’s true. It just takes a little thinking outside the box, or in this case, the pod. Not sure how? Here’s a few scenarios mobile pods help make possible.

Scenario #1: Family Get-Together

After a year of precautions, friends and family are able to see each other again. Most celebrate with big get-togethers, and mobile pods are ready to help. 

For this activity, a family decides to have a bigger than usual cookout. They also want it on a big lawn at a family member’s home. The mobile pod, then, does two things here: it arrives at the designated location, arriving with professional staff, and carries things like outdoor furniture, patio supplies, and cooking utilities. That means friends and family can expect to host a bigger cookout than ever before!

Be sure to check out the CDC’s guidelines for family and holiday gatherings to make sure your get together is safe for all!

Scenario #2: Business Party

Does your business want to have a special celebration? Mobile pods let you get very creative. Maybe you want to host an outdoor activity with games and entertainment while you clear out old inventory. Or, maybe this is a regular event further enhanced by mobile pods.

Whatever the reason, remember pods offer you additional space that’s easy to access. It’s great for cleanup too! A pod, for instance, can be used to store and withdraw stands, games, supplies, and other furnishings for outdoor games. Once the event has concluded, those items can go right back to the pod for secure storage. With reduced foot traffic and need to travel, you can already get a sense of the benefits offered.

Scenario #3: Music Festival

Thought about doing a music festival for a crowd? Mobile pods are excellent for just this thing. And it makes for a great end-of-summer celebration. 

One of the biggest hurdles any band or group faces is getting their supplies to a location and unloading. That goes double for planners who need to organize a spaces, designate areas for performers, the crowd, and even vendors. And, with all that, you need the actual material to set up locations.

Thank goodness mobile pods handle all these scenarios. They’re capable of carrying various types of inventory, given that they also have spacious options available. Like we’ve mentioned before, pods are transported by professional teams which arrive at designated areas. It cuts down on time, where planners and performers can prioritize the entertainment! Cleanup is also greatly reduced too, given that pods will create an accessible space to store debris/leftovers. 

So, as we bid farewell to summer and hello to Fall, give portable self storage a try. And, of course, if you use self storage, Mobile Attic is the way to go!

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