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Cleaning your business location with Mobile Pods has never been easier

by Oct 6, 2023

Cleaning your business location with Mobile Pods has never been easier

A clean business is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does it reduce clutter and maintain organization, it promotes a responsible image and aids potential sales for customers. Visitors want to know the place of business is well-maintained, organized, and stocked well. Messy floors, debris, disorganized boxes, and other unsightly visual cues can lead to loss revenue and an overall poor impression of the organization.

But cleaning isn’t always easy in a busy business environment. Stores and vendors alike have to manage routine operations and general utilities, even when customers are visiting. Larger retailers avoid this problem with later shifts and low-traffic hours. But smaller businesses don’t have this luxury, and thus need to find ideal timeframes to perform cleaning.

Space is another concern. Smaller locations may lack the storage facilities for inventory when cleaning. In other cases, they don’t have it at all.

But there’s good news! If you’re looking to renovate or deep clean your place of business, you can take advantage of mobile storage pods.

What’s a mobile pod?

Think of a storage unit like a garage on wheels. A mobile pod is a large container shipped to locations for the purpose of versatile storage, versus traditional storage methods. Users can reduce foot traffic by having an accessible location to stow away itinerary. As long as the inventory can fit and isn’t a hazard, virtually anything can be stored in mobile pods.

Professional crews are responsible for the delivery and retrieval of units. You won’t need special equipment for a delivery, just a location.

For cleaning and other projects

But how can a mobile storage unit help you with cleaning? Simply put, providing you an accessible space to organize and store clutter gives you the time necessary to overhaul your interior(s).

It also provides the space for cleaning. Larger facilities can move inventory as necessary to their backrooms, easily access supplies, and clean surfaces without disruption of services. Smaller locations won’t have this, but having a pod lets you remove clutter or objects so you can easily clean. That could be shelves, furnishings, floors, or anything that needs a touch up.

For health concerns, this is even better. During seasons like fall or autumn, the common cold/influenza spread at a faster rate. Therefore, keeping surfaces and interiors disinfected can reduce risk for customers and staff. With space made by storage pods, you’ll have the opportunity to deep clean in places you couldn’t initially reach or clean.

What about cost?

Naturally, smaller businesses have to think about their bottom line. At first, using storage pods can seem like an expensive investment, but the opposite is true.

Consider traditional options. Regular storage facilities, like public storage, are not practical for space reasons. A business might get some use out of a public facility, but soon find their inventory/ability to organize lacking, and fast. Larger facilities, if even available, come at a greater cost too and are typically reserved for bigger businesses with massive volume demands.

But a mobile storage pod eliminates these concerns. First, since a mobile storage pod can come to you, there’s no need to rent trucks or services to carry supplies. Additionally, you won’t need to spend time or money travelling to a facility. That means fuel costs are eliminated, and staff will not need to take hours to transport back and forth from the store location(s) and the facility. Time lost on doing so means less work can be done and less cleaning is accomplished.

This also addresses concerns related to influenza transmission. Since the flu and common cold are caught in dense areas, reducing exposure by using pods can lower the risk of getting sick. You’ll spend time moving debris or supplies to the pods, meaning there’s less chance to contract the illnesses. It’s not a guarantee as both of these common health concerns are just that – common. However, being safe in any way you can is a better alternative. 

No need for cleaning crews

With space freed up, business and store owners won’t need to hire cleaning crews. Normally, since staff or time isn’t in excess, owners reach out to third-parties for help. And while professionals can get the job done, it’s another factor of cost. Your budget may not allow for this, but at the same time, you can’t allow your place of operations to get cluttered for the reasons we’ve gone over.

For security and cleaning storage

Another benefit of utilizing mobile storage pods is security. Since pods can arrive at your location of choice, they can be placed behind fenced areas, or, areas where you can safely monitor them via security cameras. That reduces the risk of theft or damage.

It’s also great for storing cleaning supplies. Depending on the nature of your deep clean, you might use industrial strength cleaners which can be hazardous if exposed to unsafe conditions. Or, you may lack the space to have cleaners on-site. But with a pod, you’ve got all the space you need to put chemicals away, and, you can lock each pod to prevent unauthorized access. While not a priority concern, cleaning can involve unintended risk (tripping, inhaling chemical agents), so this is just an extra layer of security.

How many can I get?

Some facilities may need more than one mobile pod, but not to worry. Multiple units can be delivered in varying sizes to fit the exact needs of the client. You also don’t need to worry about long term commitments – you can use mobile storage pods for as long (or short) as necessary. For a deep autumn cleaning project, this is a great option.

If you’ve been putting off a deep cleaning or store renovation because of space, now’s the time to take advantage of mobile storage units.

For more information about units and services, contact Mobile Attic today.