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Commercial Moving Madness

by Jan 24, 2018

At Mobile Attic, we understand all too well how stressful moving can be for our residential customers. That stress grows exponentially when it comes to commercial moves. There are so many working parts and so much to account for; you may be thinking it would just be easier to grow your hair out, change your name, and perform a one-man xylophone routine in small towns across America. That may sound fulfilling to your wanderlust spirit, but it isn’t realistic (though if you do decide to go this route, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up an animal companion for the extra tips). You may see the stress on your coworkers’ faces, but you can remain cool knowing that Mobile Attic has your back. We want to ease those work-place shifting blues; here are a few ways our storage containers can make your life infinitely easier.

Load it up at your leisure!

Same old song and dance, folks. You call a moving company to load everything in the truck, pay them by the hour, then you scramble to get everything finished in one day so that you don’t have to explain to your superiors that some things, inevitably, weren’t packed in time so you may have to fill out 15 request forms to have that truck the next day. As you stress about the budget, you see one of the burly, tattooed movers toss a box of your priceless desk knickknacks to the aluminum floor with a crash. You could cry over the bent-up spring inside your Captain Jean-Luc Picard bobble head, or you can get a Mobile Attic container! No more worrying about tight moving time windows; the storage container can sit at the old place for as long as you like while you and your coworkers load it up coolly.

Your stuff is protected!

Losing any of that precious paperwork (or the knickknacks) would certainly be a huge setback for the company. Nosey types, wanting to get in on your marvelous half-dead office plants and expense reports, will have a difficult time getting into a container made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Slap a disc lock on the latch and you have yourself a giant safe; the temporary guardian of your business and the white beacon of strength, solidarity, and fierce loyalty. While wood containers give to the forces of nature, the Mobile Attic containers won’t even flinch. On top of all that (literally), the roof is reflective, so you don’t have to worry about all the documents being sun-bleached when the move is finished.

Everything is ready to move!

No skipping a beat. When the container is all nice and secure, packed with care and coolness (an obvious side effect from all the convenience everywhere), we can move it to the new place for you, where you can unpack it as quickly, or as slowly, as you would like. Just remember, you aren’t under any kind of time constraint like you would be with a moving company. The important thing is pacing. If you and your coworkers are doing the moving, there is no hectic scramble to get everything inside before the voicemails pile up. You may be able to save everyone from a horrible running-with-the-bulls scenario.

Support a local business!

Mobile Attic is a proud representative of small business values in the state of South Carolina! The people you speak to over the phone, the drivers you meet, and even your humble blog writer live and work in the Palmetto State. The place you live can have a radical effect on how you see and process the world. Someone in a call center in the Midwest may not understand the quirks of our state, but we do! This kind of business to business cooperation is healthy for the growth of the state and we are happy to make moving a bit easier.

If you have any questions about commercial moves, our agents are available to take your call! Ask them about seasonal discounts! With the Mobile Attic, you may go from hobo with a xylophone to a calm and confident member of a thriving business (with a fancy new place)!