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(Coverage for damages to your Mobile Attic Container itself.)

I. Coverage of the Damage Waiver: Your monthly recurring payment of the Damage Waiver relieves you of liability for the first $1,000.00 for loss or damage caused by graffiti, theft, forced or attempted forced entry, earthquake, hail, windstorm, hurricane, and tornado. This is not an insurance policy. If the customer misses a damage waiver payment or has a past-due balance, the policy is void. Damage to the container, however, will not be covered if it was caused by the customer’s willful or intentional acts.
II. Limits of the Damage Waiver. The Damage Waiver shall not bind Mobile Attic unless you:
1) Take reasonable precautions against theft and forced entry;
2) Notify Mobile Attic of such event within three (3) business days of discovery of such event;
3) Deliver to Mobile Attic satisfactory proof of the loss or damage of such event; and
4) Comply with the terms of the Mobile Attic Rental Agreement.

III. Losses and Damage Not Covered by the Damage Waiver. We will not waive your liability for damage of loss involving the following circumstances:
1) Use or operation of the Container in a manner prohibited by or in breach of the Mobile Attic Rental Agreement;
2) The unauthorized use or negligent or willful act of you, your employees, or agents, improper use of the Container, overloading or improper load distribution,
lack of maintenance or neglect of the Container;
3) Theft or loss of, or damage to, any Container contents;
4) Damage or loss to a third party’s person or property;
5) Damage to a Container’s components or fixtures, including, without limitation, shelves, rack cabinets, floor covering, window coverings, lights, HVAC, door, etc.; and
6) Vandalism or malicious mischief (except graffiti), fire, or damage caused by any third party not expressly covered under the Damage Waiver, not
representing the Mobile Attic or you.
d. Cost of the Damage Waiver. The cost of the damage waiver is hereinafter set forth on Rental Agreement and is subject to change without notice.
The terms of this Addendum will control in the event of any inconsistency between this Addendum and any other document. The cost of the damage waiver is listed on the Mobile Attic Rental Agreement and each container that is rented must have its own damage waiver added if the customer wants coverage on multiple containers.