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Creative Moving Tips, For Comfort and Convenience

by Jun 29, 2018



Keep you (and your helpers) Fueled with Recharge Stations

I’m sure you know by now that moving is a draining task, mentally and physically. Planning your move can seem rather mechanical: designate days to pack and load into your Mobile Attic Container; coordinate the box groupings… that kind of thing. It’s also important to develop ideas for stress-management, like the recharge station. You may be asking, what is this strange device, and will I have to expose the wiring in the house I’m trying to sell? Possibly, depending on what percent cyborg you are.

The recharge station system is simply a series of small coolers around the house that can easily be accessed by you and your helpers. Inside you can provide juice and drinks that restore electrolytes as well as granola bars and some nuts to provide energy. The convenience will relieve you of the frustrations that come with hunger, working wonders in the stress-management department. It’s great when convenience and comfort work together, and this certainly extends beyond having food within arm’s reach.


Wait to Pack the Television and Relax with the Team

The television seems to represent the comfort and relaxation that pairs wonderfully with the comforting nature of the home. Because of this, the television tends to be one of the first things our eyes gravitate to when clearing out our stuff. Pack it early and you’re making a statement that says ‘I’m moving the coziness of my current home to my new one’ and with that, transporting the coziness state of mind as well.

This brings closure on one level. On another, you realize that it’s the second day into your move you are sitting among boxes on your freshly exposed carpet, wishing you had something to do other than play a 15-hour game of Monopoly. Again. The group says landing on free parking doesn’t result in a pay-out because it’s “against the rules,” but we both know how to REALLY play the game. You long for the controlled setting that is your family’s favorite television show or movie.

Hold off that urge to pack away the television. Even if you don’t have cable service, the downtime from the move will give you the opportunity to dust off that DVD player you rediscovered and finally watch the special features for all the movies you’ve kept around. You’ve been working hard and you deserve it.


Color-code your Stuff for Packing

Now that we’ve addressed convenience for your present well-being, let’s do future you a favor. I know there is a tendency to see ‘future you’ as a completely different person; Future you may as well be some distant doppelganger running around with your hair, your favorite band t-shirt, but she or he doesn’t have the updated password to your email (you should write that down now). This person will be inheriting all your present problems.

Before you start covering anything in cardboard, mark the items in the house with colored stickers, thinking about where the items will be in the new home. You can take the system further and have the colors mark what items should be packed and unpacked first. If done correctly, the interior of your home will look like it has a mean case of some alien chicken pox. The colors will direct your helpers so that they know exactly what goes where and in what box. If you’re lucky, future you will get lunch at your favorite bistro to say thanks. You will probably have to pick up the tab.


Above All, Remember to Communicate

Even for the most organized among us, moving is a task that naturally creates disorder. This kind of setting can breed confusion and misunderstanding, which is why it is always important to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to everyone involved. When trying to orchestrate the move, whether it comes to finding storage, moving supplies or labor, the seemingly endless list of tasks can prevent you from seeing that not everyone knows what’s going on inside your head.

The ultimate step toward a comfortable and convenient move is thorough communication. This doesn’t just extend to our human helpers and friends, but also to our pets. If you have an animal in the home, moving can be a stressful experience as the setting changes quickly and drastically. Arrange for the pet to stay with a close friend or an animal care specialist or, if that isn’t an option, shower the animal with affection to calm her or his nerves. The calm demeanor of the pet will help calm you, but it will also preserve the curtains that you intend to use again at the new house.


Moving is a stressful affair all around, but the process can be a lot smoother if you keep these tips in mind—and if you consider the Mobile Attic for a convenient and comfortable storage experience!