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Creative Tips for Your Next Move

by Mar 12, 2019

As anyone could tell you, moving is a hassle. With so many things to account for, most struggle with the stress of packing, transporting, and unpacking. Sometimes, storage is a problem too, but there’s a solution. Using storage pods can take out a great deal of strain when managing a big move. Additionally, there are several creative things a person can do to make their transition plenty easier.

If you’re considering a mobile storage pod, here are some packing tips to help your big trip.

1 – Separate Essentials and Non-Essentials

As you prep for a move, it’s tempting to toss everything together in a conveniently sized box. However, nothing’s worse than stacking things together and realizing – uh oh, I needed that. Therefore, start sections of your inventory containing things you know you’ll require later on. For instance, blankets and pillows if you’re already sleeping in the new home, silverware for eating, computers, or anything else you think of is important to separate as well.

2 – Use Different Packaging

While you utilize a storage pod, you’ve also got to stow away items. Often, it’s in a box, but there are other packing supplies to use too. For example, large plastic tubs are fantastic for putting bulk itinerary away. Since they’re plastic, they’re resilient to weathering and damage, and you can pack all sorts of things in them.

Have lots of clothes but no boxes? No problem. Consider trash bags and plastic bags, since they don’t have a definable shape. Just make sure you don’t throw them away on accident!

3 – Color Code

Not all items are the same. Some are more sensitive than others. Grandma’s ceramic figurines, for instance, probably shouldn’t get mixed with the spare engine parts.

You can decide to separate things then by color coding via tape or other methods. So, fragile inventory can be marked by red tape, while general itinerary (stuff less likely to break during travel) could be marked blue. This helps visually identify what needs care.

4 – Decide What Goes with You

You can utilize storage pods for ease of transport since they’re taken to and from destinations as required. But, again, those fragile items we mentioned may not want to be mixed with the pod inventory. As such, designate certain items you prefer to go with you. This cuts down on confusion and frees up space for the storage pod as well.

5 – Furniture Last

As you get inventory ready to go, considering transporting furniture last. Often, it’s the heaviest and most unwieldy of your items. Excess clutter will get in the way, making it difficult to transport.

With these quick tips, you can make your move a less stressful experience. Storage pods also provide a unique amount of benefits, transporting your things as needed in serviceable locations.

If you’d like to learn more about storage pods and how they can help you, visit us at Mobile Attic.