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Dealing With Those Post-Move Blues

by Aug 13, 2018

You feel down, but you’re not sure why. After all, didn’t you just move to your dream area in South Carolina? Wasn’t moving with the use of pods and other modern methods so easy? A week before you were jazzed to start a new life in a new town. New friends, new experience, new jobs!

But, for some reason, it’s not clicking. Whether it’s been a few days or even several weeks, the raw excitement has faded, replaced by a weighty glumness. Or, worse yet, depression.

You’re not alone. Whether you live in South Carolina or came from out of state, it’s a big change. For some, this is a case of the blues. All the comforts and routines you knew are out the window, and a strange world is where you must call home. You don’t feel attached to the new area and maybe you’re starting to regret the move entirely.

It’s okay. You must be patient with yourself and understand this isn’t a perfect, happy scenario. Moving is romanticized (for good reason) but it’s also a trial, no matter how you slice it. So what are ways to handle these feelings of post-move sadness?

Exercise, Outdoors, or Just Out

It’s tempting to stay inside when you don’t feel well. No one would blame you, and sadness or even depression make getting out feel like an impossible task.

However, finding a way to exercise – even in small amounts – is extremely beneficial to overcoming feelings of sadness. A little sunshine can promote better mood and health. It’s not a perfect cure, but getting out can help ward off the blues.

Do What You Like

Humans are creatures of routine. Whether it was an apartment in South Carolina or somewhere out of state, do the things that made you happy in your new place. Like listening to music at a certain time of day? How about reading? Maybe cooking was your thing?

Whatever the case, associating these positive activities with your new place will help reestablish a sense of comfort and belonging.


It’s not mandatory, but don’t be afraid to hang out with coworkers or interested people every now and again. Commitment isn’t necessary and it’s not a guarantee to work out like magic. Socializing will help deepen your connection with a new place, and it’s always good to have someone to talk to.

Post-move blues, or heck, even depression, isn’t an easy obstacle to overcome. You need time to adjust and find ways to enjoy your new home. Hopefully, some of these methods can help.

If, however, you can’t seem to break out of the sense of sadness, consider professional help. Sometimes a move is a jarring experience that leaves us feeling alone and isolated. You deserve assistance if this is the case.

South Carolina is home for a lot of people, but make sure it’s also home enough for you.


-Douglas James