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Defeat the summer heat when moving with mobile pods

by Jul 28, 2023

Defeat the summer heat when moving with mobile pods

Summer is a notoriously hot time, now more than ever. With record temperatures, longer days, and nasty humidity, the idea of moving during the hot season is not a desirable prospect. Not only is it downright unpleasant, but hot days are a health hazard too. If you’ve got no choice or must make a move during the summer, you’re going to need help.

The good news is you are not alone. Mobile storage pods are a secret weapon, not only making the transition process easier, but by protecting your inventory from hot days too. We’ll touch on the different ways to not only keep cool for summer weather, but how you can take advantage of mobile pods too.

Staying cool in the summer

You know it’s hot, but it is important to take precautions during the hot season. If you plan to move, even more so. Summer isn’t just a hot day, it’s a health hazard too. When moving – a physically exhausting and demanding activity – you need to take care of yourself. 

Here are some common risks involved with intense heat:

  • Dehydration and heat sickness
  • Intense humidity and “wet bulb” temperature
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Sunburn and skin damage

You can dehydrate quickly in hot temperatures. If it’s humid, the risk is higher, as your body cannot sufficiently cool itself and sweats excessively in the process. Heat exhaustion and sickness can leave you feeling dizzy. The elderly and infants are vulnerable to these high temperatures. Wet-bulb temperature is exceptionally dangerous, as it prevents individuals from cooling off. 

Long term problems, like sunburn and skin damage, are linked to skin cancer. So, take every precaution you can if you must move during a bright summer day.

Protecting against the heat

Before you start any major summer moving project, have all the resources you’ll need to keep cool. Sunhats and sunglasses, for instance, will protect your face and head from sunshine. If you have fair or sensitive skin, it’s important to protect yourself from long-term exposure.

Long-term exposure can be as little as 45 minutes to an hour. If you think you will be in direct exposure for that long, wear sunscreen and appropriate clothes to keep yourself cool. Be aware of humidity and pay attention to weather alerts related to higher temperatures. Humidity is especially dangerous. As mentioned, it makes it harder for your body to cool off. 

Hot weather can also worsen air quality. If you or anyone moving has respiratory problems, you will want to limit your time outside.

Other health tips for high temperatures:

  • Take frequent breaks of 10 to 15 minutes
  • Always have water available to rehydrate; sports drinks are an acceptable substitute
  • Protein rich snacks like meats, cheese, and nuts can help give you energy
  • Stop and rest if you feel dizzy or nauseous, this is a potential sign of heat sickness
  • Get help with heavy objects and try to limit intense physical activity on hot days

Using mobile pods for hot summer weather

Now that you have some basic tips on keeping cool during hot weather, you might wonder how mobile pods can help.

Mobile storage pods are transportable containers that arrive to their destinations, transported by professional crews. This cuts out time and transportation you typically perform in a regular move. Therefore, one of the immediate benefits of a mobile pod is less time in the sun. You reduce your exposure by simply subtracting foot traffic between you and the pod, where you otherwise would need to spend time outdoors with regular moving trucks.

Mobile pods can also protect your inventory from hot conditions by virtue of providing shade. Depending on what you need to transport, this is a great way to protect property. For example, electronic devices are susceptible to damage from intense weather conditions – like heat. A mobile pod can give you an alternative cooling space when stored correctly.

But remember, even a mobile storage unit can only do so much. Having the pod stored in a shaded environment – or one with limited sun exposure – will better keep your stored inventory cooled off. 

You can also use mobile pods to help you schedule moves in advance. One of the big challenges related to moving is time. Work and personal responsibilities can limit the hours you have available for moving. But with a mobile pod, you can better plan and provide yourself the necessary time to move. Mobile storage units can be scheduled to arrive at destinations within their service area. So, for example, you can spend one day loading storage, and then have the pod(s) transported to the relevant location on the next, even if you are busy.

Mobile pods can also be locked and placed in safe areas. They’re made with weather resistant steel, so you’re further shielded from theft and stormy conditions. Other benefits also exist outside of summer moving.

You’ll save money, time, and gas. In traditional storage situations, you have to transport inventory to a location, cutting into gas. You may also have limited space options with traditional storage. Not all traditional storage facilities are open every day, and some have costly rental fees and/or require deposits. When it comes to moving, especially in the summer, you want to save every penny, and mobile pods are great for this. Also consider that summer can be the priciest time of the year to move, so finding any method to save on costs is ideal.

Lastly, as you utilize mobile pods and prepare to transition to your new home, keep a few things in mind. Make sure power and AC work at the new location – you’ll be glad you did. Early hours or closer to the evening are best moving times, and avoid doing so at noon when the sun is at its highest peak.

By following our tips and using mobile pods, you’ll keep cool even on the hottest summer move day.

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