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Don’t let Moving Bug You!

by Dec 2, 2016

In the moving process, you want to move all the things that you hold close to you but not the pests you may have accumulated over the years. Bed bugs, ants, spiders and rodents may hitch a ride in one of your boxes or inside your pantry to become a nuisance at your new residence. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to reduce or eliminate their presence in your new home. Before we get into the information, below are a list of common pests and their tendencies so you will know what to expect:

  • Ants – tough insects with an iron exoskeleton that are next to roaches in survivability. Some sort of food source is necessary to attract them, so store loose items inside airtight containers to cut down on places they can maneuver into.
  • Rodents – The small creatures come out at night to feast on food scraps that may have fallen on the floor, in the couch or pretty much anywhere you may eat. You can be proactive and cut down on the amount of food particles in your living areas by isolating meals to the kitchen or dining room. The other option, if you like to watch TV while eating like myself, is to thoroughly clean the area around you once you are finished.
  • Spiders- Usually an indication that other pests are around. Spiders can be a welcome guest in some regard because of this, but they can be a pest themselves when it comes to moving. Go around the house, knock down any web and remove any egg sac to keep them from spreading. Inspect your items before placing them inside your portable storage container.
  • Bed bugs – The most feared and resilient pest in the moving world. It is best to call in professionals to get rid of the infestation. Wash everything thoroughly, but you may want to consider just trashing everything before moving into the new home. It’s much easier to purchase a new mattress than to try to clean it and ensure there won’t be a resurgence later.

The Mobile Attic portable storage container, with its steel and aluminum construction, doesn’t hold moisture and, of course, doesn’t come packed with food crumbs, so there is nothing enticing about the storage container itself. The problem comes with placing items inside the container that already contain pest or contain food items that may attract pests. For this reason, it is best to throw away or use all food items and liquids before your move. You may also want to think about cleaning and vacuuming your furniture for any loose particles that may catch the attention of some unwelcome traveler. Here is a breakdown of some steps you may think about taking:

  • Store cedar chips with your belongings. It is a less smelly (and chemically safer) alternative to moth balls. Humans love it, but pests don’t!
  • Make sure to use new boxes. Old boxes from the grocery store may contain traces of food that was stored previously.
  • Carefully inspect possible pest sources at your old and new home before moving. Pro-activity is by far the best pesticide.

Stay tuned for more moving tips, so you can have a successful and convenient move with the Mobile Attic!