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Don’t Stress Over Spring Cleaning: Get a Mobile Storage Pod!

by Apr 13, 2021

Spring, the great time of year where the cold finally recedes and the world comes to life. The weather clears, flowers blossom, and then comes pollen. So, so much pollen. While you’re out enjoying the sunlight (and congestion) though, there’s one thing you probably aren’t looking forward to: spring cleaning. Over the course of the cold season we tend to stay inside and build clutter here and there. Dust cakes, boxes build up, and before you know it, the basement is looking mighty crowded.

So, the realization hits you: time for spring cleaning. Oh no.

But hey, not to worry, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. After all, you’ve got a secret weapon: storage pods!

Mobile pods to the rescue

Often thought of as just for business and major storage solutions, pods are a great alternative and helpful to residential addresses too. That’s because they address many of the issues we run into during spring cleaning, and are fantastic for big projects. If you’re dreading a major-house overhaul, pods will be an ally indeed.

First, let’s point out the obvious: storage pods are an extra bit of portable space, to put it lightly. Lightly, because you can get a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

When you think about spring cleaning, you imagine moving furniture and objects out of the way to get some in-depth sanitation done. But if you don’t have a spot for those items, they build up clutter, block your way, and make the process harder. A mobile pod provides you that salvation spot to put away objects in a safe place while you manage your cleaning, and, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged by accident.

Same goes for debris and trash. If you have an excess of that, putting it away in a mobile pod til’ its time for a garbage run gives you the necessary space to work and clean.

Ah, but what about travel? That’s a headache isn’t it, especially if you have to dash out for cleaning supplies and such. Well, mobile pods provide you their namesake: mobility! If you’re in the service of a storage service (like Mobile Attic) professional drivers will drop of a pod at your location of choice. Literally takes out the leg work, and saves you money, time, and gas. So, all you have to focus on is your spring cleaning plans.

If you’re thinking about safety, then consider one last (but not final) benefit of a mobile pod. If you have strong chemical cleaners and supplies, you may want them in a secure location. With children and pets, you don’t want to expose them to harmful vapors and/or material (or yourself). So, you can put stronger cleaning utilities in a pod. This also keeps them out of your residence, which can again, be a safety concern.

Don’t fear spring cleaning, because a mobile pod is here to help. If you’d like more information about how they can help you, contact Mobile Attic today!