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Downsizing with Mobile Storage: Tips for You

by Oct 5, 2021

Downsizing with Mobile Storage: Tips for You


If you are moving into a smaller space, now’s the time to take advantage of Mobile Attic’s helpful tips. A downsize move occurs for different reasons, and just like any transition, it’s good to know a few things ahead of time. And, if you’re concerned about space for moving, don’t forget about the advantages mobile storage units bring.

Let’s go over some quick tips to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

Toss that clutter!

Your move into a smaller space could be for a variety of reasons. A large home is too hard to manage. You don’t need the space. The expenses and maintenance are far too high. There are health concerns. 

Whatever the case, moving into a smaller living space is by no means a bad decision. But, smaller homes and apartments equates to less space. To help with this, toss out clutter! Make a list of things you absolutely do not need. It’ll save you time, labor, and stress. 

Use a mobile pod!

Mobile storage units can hoist all that extra cargo with no trouble. Pods come in a variety of sizes, so no matter the load, there’s a unit fit for you. Pro teams can take the pod where you need to go, so it also cuts into travel time and gas costs.

When moving with a mobile pod, however, be sure you are in a designated pick up/drop off area. Also, make sure the new home unit or apartment complex has adequate space for the pod (and that it’s allowed to have the pod arrive/depart).

Sell what you don’t need!

Decluttering is great and all, especially when there’s plenty of trash to toss. But selling things you don’t need (or have space for) is also a good way to lighten the burden. And, you’ll get some money back. Every cent helps since moves can be a costly affair.

This is good to do if you’re moving into an apartment with appliances. For instance, some complexes already come with their own washers, dryers, fridges, and microwaves. By selling those, you can look forward to a lighter load with cash to spare.

Learn about the space you (don’t) have!

It goes without saying, you need to get a feel for the square footage available to you in your home unit. What seems viable in your current situation may not transition to the new space. In other words, you won’t have room even if you think you do. 

Take a look at the provided photos (of which there should be, ask if not) and match them with the square space in the floor plan. Now see how it compares to your current floor space and make adjustments as needed. 

Remember, no matter the move or where you’re going, a successful transition is dictated by good planning. These basic tips will provide the perfect foundation.

For additional help, you can get a storage pod. Contact Mobile Attic for more information.