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Easy New Year’s Resolutions

by Dec 26, 2019

There’s nothing quite as exciting (and challenging) as a New Year’s Resolution. We believe in change and a fresh start, and ever new year feels like such. A chance to turn it around or try something new, to move past the current year and try again. But as you can imagine, resolutions are easier said than done.

However, sometimes accomplishing a resolution is a matter of making it achievable. We get caught up in big promises to ourselves but forget about the smaller things. So, Mobile Attic has a few suggestions for some easy New Years Resolutions anyone can try!

1 – Learn a Recipe

Cooking is a fantastic skill to have, so a simple resolution anyone can attain is learning a recipe for a meal. And not necessarily the “toss this ingredient into the pan,” something that requires a little planning. Food is far easier to make than it seems and there’s nothing quite like tasting a dinner that’s flavorful and one you whipped up.

2 – Try a New Hobby

Hobbies can be all sorts of things. Generally, it involves a skill set or something for you to focus on, get better at, and learn about. It could be anything from learning a new language (a harder task) or getting up to speed on mystery novels. Acrylic landscape painting? Learning how to identify wild fungus? You get the idea! Bonus, this gives you an interesting topic of conversation for those riveting dinner parties.

3 – Take up Hiking/Walking

If you want to get into exercise but aren’t ready to jump into harder regimens like strength training, there’s nothing wrong with a good walk. It’s essentially free and you can do it anywhere.

Or, you can go the extra mile (literally) and try hiking. Challenge yourself on various terrain and get some fresh air. Your body will thank you later.

4 – Learn a Daily Word

Those “day a word” calendars aren’t only for show. They’re a great way to expand your vocabulary and are cheap to get a hold of. Apps may also have ways to expand your words. Failing that, reading more also adds more terms to the mental library.

5 – Reduce Mental Clutter

This tip leans more on the meditation aspect of things but is aimed at helping your mind settle down. Often, we’re overloaded with information. The internet and technology mean distractions are only a click away, and even if you don’t use electronics for winding down, it’s likely they’re part of your work routine.

This can lead to a mind that’s distracted and “busy” feeling. So, find ways to reduce this “mental junk” to feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Much like Mobile Attic believes in an organized external space for your storage, we also do for reasonable goals. Try these for the New Year. A sense of accomplishment can motivate one forward and help you build confidence for bigger and better goals.