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Enhance Your Commercial Cleaning Projects with Mobile Pods

by Nov 3, 2023

Whether you’re planning a renovation for your business, or you’ve taken on the industry of commercial cleaning, it pays to have sufficient space. Commercial cleaning projects cover a wide variety of tasks and job types, from power washing to carpet cleaning. For this you naturally need supplies, organization, and budgetary considerations. Together, that gets overwhelming fast, especially if you’re taking on larger projects.

But no worries! Mobile Attic has an arrangement of tips, and, services offered via our mobile pods to help. Mobile Attic services the entire upstate South Carolina area with storage and container services. As such, we can easily fulfill a role for you!

Tips for Commercial Cleaning Projects

Let’s dive into some basic strategies to make your cleaning goals go that much smoother. 

Organization is Key

No job or task comes together without good organization and planning. Depending on the scale of your industrial cleaning project, you’ll need to consider various factors. Cost, supplies needed, expected space, locations that will be cleaned, and time of said cleaning.

For efficiency reasons, you want to have an idea how long a project will take. We’ll go back to a carpet example: if you’re cleaning a small business, house, apartment, or interior, what is an ideal timeframe to have the job done from start to finish?

Once you have an appropriate time window allotted, you need to consider supplies. For projects like these, industrial level cleaners are recommended and required. In other cases, you might need special equipment – such as power washers. Whatever the case, ensuring that you have enough cleaner is important for long-term success.

Note: mobile pods are great for storing supplies, but do not store mechanical equipment in mobile units to prevent damage to both your device(s) and the pod.


Set aside an estimated budget for the project(s). This should include cost of supplies, length of completion, travel expenses (if relevant), safety equipment, and tools you’ll need for the job. If you’re performing a renovation, take that into account as well. 

As for pods, they’re designed to fit in your budget. Mobile Attic offers rental services instead of a long-term lease requirement. 

Using the Pod

How does a mobile storage unit assist your cleaning project(s)? You know that you receive additional space with a pod. But it’s also ideal for rotating inventory during the job, too.

Mobile Attic deploys four different pod sizes, suited for virtually any need. If you need multiple pods, you can use them for a commercial clean project. For instance, one pod can be used for cleaner and inventory storage, and the other for furnishings/objects. Say you need to clean specific areas of an interior, but need to move things before you can. Those objects can be safely stored in a secondary pod while you focus on the cleaning, easily accessible before and after the job.

Pods are also handy for debris and decluttering. During the project, you’ll no doubt need to dispose of trash or debris left over from cleaning. You can use a pod to place this debris, keeping your space clean for easy access.

How do I get a mobile pod?

The magic is in the name, of course. The advantage of mobile storage pods over traditional solutions is that they come to you. Mobile Attic serves the upstate area, and therefore, has numerous available service locations. For your project, you’ll order the pod(s) needed for your task, and professional crews will deliver them to your locale of choice.

There’s no need to rent special vehicles or equipment, either. You save money and gas this way, allowing you to focus on the cleaning task.

Know Your Mess

Another thing that helps any cleaning project is understanding just what you need to clean. Renovations, for example, involve physical labor and the replacement of furnishings and even interior spaces. To effectively clean and treat a location – be it home, small business, or apartment – you need to know what requires cleaning and how long it can take.

For example, a home space has numerous rooms requiring attention. Kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and even front yard spaces are all potential areas that involve commercial cleaning. If this is a personal job, then you’ll have an idea of what to do. If you’re assisting a client or customer, you need to assess the degree of cleaning required beforehand.

It also determines the type of cleaning supplies you will need, so prepare accordingly. For example, dirty carpets might need more than a quick scrub. You may need additional equipment and stronger, industrial strength cleaners (without damaging the material). In other cases, you might have to replace the carpet entirely. That’s just one of the examples when figuring out how to best approach a commercial cleaning project.

For Safety

Another quality benefit when utilizing mobile storage units is safety. Industrial cleaners and chemicals are hazardous when exposed for too long, or, dangerous when left unattended. Mobile pods are a great way to secure inventory, so you only use what’s needed. During cleaning projects, you won’t have to leave out cleaning chemicals and supplies, ensuring organization and easy accessibility while on the job.

Depending on your services (if applicable), you can also store mobile pods in secure areas (behind fencing or similar). Or, Mobile Attic can retrieve the pods and hold them in our lots if desired. That way, you’re not worried about security concerns when handling various cleaning projects.


Commercial cleaning projects vary in scope, but it always pays to plan ahead and have the necessary supplies on hand. With pods offered by Mobile Attic, you can tackle any project without concern of losing space or encountering organizational problems.

If you’re ready to tackle the next commercial cleaning project with mobile storage pods, then look no further. For more information, reach out to Mobile Attic today.