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Exciting Events in Charleston, SC

by Apr 9, 2019

Charleston is a charming, historical city drawing national attention for its beautiful weather, scenic beaches, and economic growth. One of the oldest cities in America, there’s no shortage of culture, good food, and friendly people. If you’re thinking of moving to Charleston, or just want to visit, there is great news! The city has no shortage of things to do – especially events. We at Mobile Attic want you to feel welcome in our coastal southern home, so, here’s a handful of amazing events to check out if you’re stopping by!

Professional Sports
Got a feel for sports, especially tennis? The Family Circle Cup is America’s oldest professionally sponsored tennis tournament, with big names and bigger gear showing up for several days on Dennis Island. This event takes place in March/April, a perfect way to enjoy delightful spring weather with some energetic entertainment.

Harbor Tours
Hey, surprise! But Charleston is next to a lot of water. Which means there are plenty of tours to take to see the magnificent ocean and local historic harbors year-round. Depending on when you go, there are events for times like Halloween, or, you can just enjoy a tour on the weekends. If you’re feeling extra fancy, there are private dinner cruises too!

A variety of outdoor activities exist too, everything from learning how to sail, golf, fishing, and even boat expeditions with others. It’s a great way to meet people, build teams, learn new skills, and bathe in the sun. Many of these activities take place year-round too, so you’re not limited by seasons. If you’re getting the itch to do something big, Charleston has you covered!

Food, Food, and More Food
Got a hankering for cuisine? Charleston not only sports local eats to fill your belly but lots of gatherings for special cookouts too. Cajun and BBQ are common, with ripe pickings for delicious seafood. Of course, any major event you go to that we’ve listed will likely have catering too, fit with snacks to give the city’s “flavor.”
Evenings are also ideal for grabbing tasty eats – everything from pier chow and the mentioned dining boats is ideal choices for late nighters.

Historical Musings
Got a thing for the extensive past of Charleston? You’re in the right place. Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, stretching back to the tumultuous Civil War days to modern times. Every brick and old building are from decades past, and visitors/residents can always check out landmarks like the Middleton Place to learn more about Charleston’s lengthy background.

Fantastic Tours
Lastly, you can go sightseeing – either on your own or from the various tours offered in the city. Check out Fort Sumter, hop on the Gray Line, or if you’re feeling fancy – try a horse-drawn carriage! There’s no shortage of things to see and ways to see them.
At Mobile Attic, we take pride in our colorful city and want to share it with you. Let us get you down here and soon you’ll enjoy the beauty of Charleston!


-Douglas James