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Fall Activities Roundup: Charleston, South Carolina

by Nov 5, 2020

Closer to the coast, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine autumn, given we don’t associate palm trees with things like Halloween. However, despite 2020’s challenges, you can still find several enjoyable things to do this season. To help, Mobile Attic has our last list of Fall activities. Let’s get started!

Set a night aside for ghost stories

Not just silly stories to tell in the dark, get into the Halloween spirit (and autumn) with stories about paranormal events. The scariest ones are the ones that seem plausible, ranging from supposed hauntings, poltergeists, and film encounters. Nothing can get you quite in the mood for the eerie part of the year than a good ol’ fashion tale of spooks!

Learn about Samhain

Samhain, or “All Hallows Eve,” is where Halloween originates from. It’s got some fascinating details we’ve mentioned before, such as the use of gourds to frighten evil spirits. Other neat tidibits cover the dress up angle, where people put on disguises so the spooky creatures wouldn’t recognize them.

Halloween wasn’t always full of pumpkins and candy!

Check out Charleston’s Autumn Events

The city of Charleston has all sorts of things going on. Granted, you’ll want to check for limitations due to the COVID-19 problem. However, with safety precautions, there’s plenty to enjoy!

Some of the events that happen during autumn in Charleston are:

  • Ghost tours and Haunted History tours
  • Halloween events like the Boone Hall Fright Night
  • History tours about the city and buildings of note
  • Corn mazes and visiting pumpkin patches
  • History of Charleston tour

A great way to give yourself something to do, or learn more about the great city (either as a visitor or native).

Try the classic fall activities

While we love to suggest ideas that are outside the box, autumn – no matter where you are – has some key activities always associated with it. So, here’s some of them. Good to knock off a list if you’ve never tried them before!

  • Apple picking, bobbing for apples and eating caramel apples
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Making your own pumpkin pie
  • Trying apple cider, preferably next to a fire
  • Making your own Halloween costume
  • Roast marshmallows and make a smore

These are standard fair when it coms to autumn, and if nothing else gives you a “tase” of the season. And, they make for great family activities too!

Create your own Autumn themed tradition

Lastly, think of something that will make Fall special for you. What we’ve suggested in our “Fall Activities” roundup is good and all, but there’s nothing like having a ritual that you came up and you enjoyed. It could be anything from binging your favorite horror movie series to making custom autumn decor to drinking cider and then going for a swim!

Mobile Attic hopes you have a fun – and safe – Fall this year.

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