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Fall Cleaning Tips

by Nov 1, 2019

Whether you’re moving into a new location for the autumn season or continuing to enjoy your new home, it’s always a good idea to do some sprucing up. Just like spring cleaning, Fall is a good time to keep things orderly. Even more so, because you’ll probably be indoors more often thanks to the colder weather.

Here’s a few things you can do to enjoy the indoors for autumn.

Organize Your Decor

If you’re decorating for the fall season, chances are you have various ornaments and objects. Over time though that builds up clutter. To reduce this, we recommend having a box or tub with autumn specific decorations. Then, store said decorum in smaller arrangements (like putting lights in resealable plastic bags).

Rake the Yard

Leaves are pretty, but they’re also messy. Very messy. A great way to get some time outside is to rake leaves, and if you’re lucky, there won’t be many to go around. But, if you live around a forested area, the problem might get a bit more complex.

Still, keeping the yard clean is a good way to stay organized and also prevents buildup of unwanted residue. Additionally, pests are prone to hide in the coverage, so keep the yard free of leaves.

The Kitchen

Oh boy, everyone’s favorite area to attend to! The kitchen! Naturally, lots of dirt, grime, and residue builds here what with all the food making. Considering it’s the fall season, though, you’re more likely to make food being indoors more often. Doubly so if you plan on cooking for friends and family.

Again, like leaves, cleaning here is important, because pests will look for warmer climate. Inside, a dirty kitchen is just a big café for them to get their munch on. 

Replace Sheets

Bedding material, from linens, sheets, and blankets, should be replaced (or cleaned at least) when it’s convenient. Since the season gets colder, naturally you’ll be wanting to warm up. So, it’s a good idea to set out your warmer sheets while setting aside other non-fall specific ones, if relevant.

Mind the Porch

If applicable, you may want to sweep the porch. As the season gets colder and rainier, you’re more likely to pick up dirt and debris, tracking it inside (which just creates more headaches).

Keep an eye on things with the increase of rain and other weather factors.

Fall is a great time of year, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the smaller things like keeping your living space clean and organized. Hopefully these tips inspire you to do some sprucing up, and we hope you enjoy your autumn.

If you’d like more information on how Mobile Attic can help you during the fall, contact us today.