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Fall Decorating Ideas

by Oct 29, 2019

As Fall embraces us with its chilly days, you likely feel the spirit of decorating overtaking you. That’s normal, autumn is an aesthetically pleasing time of year with a variety of eye-catching colors. For October and November, you can change the look of your living space. But, perhaps this year you want to try something a little different. Just as Mobile Attic helps you with your move, we’ve also got some Fall moving tips too.

Gourds and Vegetables

Often, it’s pumpkins, gourds, and maize that are an iconic part of the autumn season, generally because they’re associated with Thanksgiving (and are harvested around this time of year). You can fill baskets with them and make them a great centerpiece to your table or furniture. The best part is, pumpkins and gourds last for a while without rotting, so you can leave them out for an extended period.

Unique Materials

If you’re thinking of crafting for your household decor, we recommend a range of colors that are associated with Fall. Ochre, for example, is a yellowish tint similar to falling leaves. Try hints of red too for sheets, pillows, or carpets, mixed with dark leathers for a wholly authentic and original feel. 

Add Your Own Twist

There’s no better way to make the Fall feel like your own with your personalized take on things. Whatever it is, try a decoration idea you come up with, or putting your own special touch on. It could be anything from painting a pumpkin to where you hang your lights (or with what color). 

Craft Material

A family decorating idea, you can also try crafts like paper mache to get into the spirit of things. Paper mache can be molded to any shape desired, though most start out with pumpkins since it’s the easiest.

You can also iron leaves for a memory book or even create a centerpiece with your kids. Whatever the case, something you make with your own hands can add a lot of life to the autumn season.

Candy and Candy Corn

Candy corn might not be the most popular snack in terms of flavor, but it’s a snack nonetheless. As a bonus, it makes for a great side decoration! Fill jars and bowls with candy corn for that additional fall look, while doubling as a little treat for yourself. Barring that, you can also fill jars with your favorite candy for the Halloween season. Just don’t go overboard – save some for the trick-or-treaters!

Scented Candles

As a last idea for decoration, try scented candles or wax to give your home a pleasant aroma. Everyone loves the scent of autumn, so why not bring it into your living space too? Additionally, candles make for a nice evening decor. Just practice fire safety when you use them.

Don’t forget that a portable storage pod from Mobile Attic is a great place to store your decorations as you cycle through the holidays!

If you’d like help with moving or storage, or if you want to share your own tips for Fall decorating, visit us at Mobile Attic.